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Asterisk: enabling email

The basic configuration I described will work successfully; however, there are a number of features that you may want to enable. For example, accepting incoming faxes to email, and automatic sending of voicemail messages by email. The problem is that the default hostname of an AAH server is asterisk1.local, and most mail servers will reject […]

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Is a very impressive software system for making a phone switchboard. The core software is Asterisk, which can be installed under various forms of Unix, including Linux and MacOS X. It supports the SIP protocol for network phones, various Digium cards for analogue phone line and analogue phones, and understands VoIP. There is a substantial […]

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Internal access for administration

Stage One. This is building the Mac Minis and arranging to be able to access them for administration and management. The Minis are just normal Macs, right, so you sit down in front of them and start typing… right? Well, no. They are installed (only one of them at the moment) without keyboard, mouse or […]

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Mac Mini Project

Our existing server environment is getting old, and with changing requirements, is getting harder to maintain. Time for a change! Starting from the outside in, the router connects to a firewall, which is an old box (an AST) running FreeBSD. Inside that is an Airport, which is used to partition off all the workstations and […]

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