All the Good Quests!

This is taken from Crystilla’s excellent list of quests that are still worthwhile from all expansions of Everquest. Some are classic quests from their era, often with worthless rewards, and others are still very current; there is a certain emphasis on trade skill quests. I have cross referenced this list against the Hero’s Journey achievements from the Conquest section.

I have tidied the html (considerably) to make it easier to understand and fix a couple of minor errors.

The Hero’s Journey

Veil of Alaris

  1. Guild Trophies - This link shares how to obtain these as well as the reward each trophy offers. It is a guild wise reward which has to be placed in a new guild hall house and turned on in order to receive the benefits.

  2. Veil Hunter’s Satchel(s) - Midway down this link it shares how to obtain 16, 18, 22, 24 and 28 slot bags.

  3. Satchel of the Aleran Legend 32 slot bag and Prismatic Selyrah Saddle raid speed mount with 300 HME - This shows what you can get for doing everything in the expansion.

  4. Faycite Shards (Type 3 augments - to boost your spells) - This link shows you where to go to buy these.

  5. Maps

    • This is Rasper’s map link.
    • This is EQResource’s map link.
  6. Spells

    • This is Rasper’s spell info.
    • This is EQResource’s spell info.

House of Thule

  1. Trophies - This link shares how to obtain these as well as the reward each trophy offers. It is a single person reward which has to be placed in a house in order to receive the benefits.

  2. Faction information - This link shares when you can start obtaining rank 2 spells as well as gear for the various tiers as well as obtaining emblems for chest augment slots.

  3. Maps

    • This is Rasper’s map link.
    • This is EQResource’s map link.
  4. Spells

    • This is Rasper’s spell info.
    • This is EQResource’s spell info.
  5. EQResource Checklist - for progression and requesting missions


  1. Coldain Shawl 2.0
    Must have 300 in tradeskills unmodified to do this quest. AND it starts in a Tier 8 zone so must have access. End event is in a Tier 9 group zone.

Each Shawl Rewards:

Seeds of Destruction

  1. Allakhazam’s Seeds of Destruction Guide progression listing
  2. Rasper’s SoD link
  3. Bayle’s Heraldic Crest augment
  4. Blood of the Fallen augment
  5. Baron Yosig’s Skeleton (iksar skeleton illusion mask)
  6. Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar illusion mask - makes you NON KOS to FoS mobs
  7. Rallosian Battle Figure
    - Putting it together is here
    1: Summon Familiar: FamiliarBattleOgre
    8: Increase Max Hitpoints by 5 (L1) to 425 (L85)
    9: Increase Mana Pool by 5 (L1) to 425 (L85)
  8. Timeshear
    - Putting it together
  9. List of spells and how to obtain them

Secrets of Faydwer

  1. Faction quests; see Fenden Helter in Dragonscale Hills

  2. Vrald’s Lost Brother 12 slot 100% WR bag

  3. Access to Crystallos: Beyond the Barrier - this also requires subquests

  4. Access to Meldrath’s Mansion: The Search for the Ultimate Story

  5. SoF Rank 3 rune list

  6. Oil Cans = charm with 0 or full stats depending on the plat you carry.

  7. Fangbreaker 5-group series of tasks to request Bloodmoon raids:

  8. SoF TRADESKILL QUEST series of tasks (Eron’s Jewelry):

  9. Valthun’s Memory Shard charm augmentation

  10. Rasper’s guide to factioning, quests, spells and raid info

  11. Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus face augmentation

  12. Reconstructed Wereorc Head Bloodmoon Orc illusion

  13. Blessed Celestine Faycite augmentation

  14. Cursed Obsidian Faycite augmentation

  15. Ak’Anon Strike Force V Black Badge (Spy Reports) augmentation

  16. Ancient Faycite Bone Circum

  17. Lantern O’Wisps

The Buried Sea

  1. Rasper’s guide - to all missions, many quests and drops

  2. Katta Portal Guide

  3. Samanna’s Progression Guide

  4. Solteris Access Guide

  5. Pottery Fragments (start of), reward is Tsaph Katta’s Urn of Rejuvenation:

  6. Sphinx Naming missions:

    1. Names of the Sphinx
    2. Atiiki Tongue Twisting
    3. Order Squared
    4. FINAL mission - Efreeti Death Visage (gets Efreeti Death Visage Spectre illusion click AND, if necro, Paza’s Cursed Remains zombie illusion clickie for pets)
  7. Flora missions:

    1. Evidence of Unity
    2. Sea Serpents
    3. The Hydromancer
  8. Final item of the “pottery” quest = (soon to be 5 CHARGE before recharging)

  9. Final item of the “bones” quest (GOOD AUG) = Jonas Dagmire’s Sketal Hand and here is another link with everything outlined including locs and hints

  10. Greater Corrupted Sunshards 10% slow for undead mob, 5 min reuse clickie; available at launch of expansion only

The Serpent’s Spine

  1. Dog Whistle Single swarm pet quest

  2. Start of clickie circle type items ??

  3. Anaglass: The Sunderock Geyser Sunderock Springs item/augment quest

  4. Wanderlust Guild Loadstone (Slipgear stacks with Wanderlust if you have Tradeskill Artisan charm)

  5. Link to 2 different charm slots (one for tradeskillers, one for questers) on cleric boards

  6. Direwolf Totem of Spirit Caster/Priest 6 mana regen, +20% dodge clicky

  7. TSS Task Writeups write-up of several quests on Samanna’s

  8. Orb of Duskmold +700 hp clicky (does not stack with cleric hp buffs, but does stack with druid and shaman)

  9. Flute of Draconic Dazzling Pacify drakkin clicky

  10. Rebuild the Portal: The Talking Plant Start of quest for Steppes portal clicky

  11. Ancient Tomes Runed Diamond Mana Pres 6 50/50 augment, GM armor usable

  12. Construction of Shadows Continuation of #11 - 1 charge SoW potion

  13. Return Firgant’s Copper Ring to the Wraithguards potion of 30% to fire right click focus, lasts 15 min unmodified

  14. Kill da Kobolds 1 charge potion with 5% added evasion

  15. Series of quests with same NPC in Icefall that reward the following:

  16. Series of quests with different NPC in Icefall that reward the following:

  17. Gygun’s Treasure aug 50 hp/mana/end +3Mana regen, +15 attack - takes 15 minutes

  18. LDoN Raid: Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn One reward is 35ac aug

  19. LDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: Within the Compact One reward is 20ac aug

  20. Sweeping the Steppes: Goblins Goblin familiar with FR and DS

  21. Shield of the Otherworld Final Augment from the 3 “disc” series Shield of the Otherworld

Prophecy of Ro

  1. Samamma’s reference link to PoR
  2. Deathknell access
  3. Temple of Blood access
  4. Arena Champion’s Badge Freeport arena charm
  5. Black Orb of the Scrykin
  6. Tinkering quest
  7. Cloak of the Spirit Hunter back evolving item
  8. Spirit Mark Armor
  9. Relic Shopkeeper’s Charm augment +55 HME
  10. “Dain” Coldain augment, 3 part MM
  11. Elddar Corruption Start of group missions to gain access to Corruption of Ro raid event

Depths of Darkhollow

  1. The Skull of Den Lord Rakban +50 to all resist (right click) mask

  2. Access to Dreadspire Keep

  3. Access to the Demi-Plane of Blood

  4. Vestiges of the Empire evolving weapon Korgoron, the Shattered Blade of Illsalin

  5. Slipgear’s Errands Slipgear’s Gem, charm augmentation

  6. Epic 2.5 quest to add additional stats

  7. Series of Dreadspire “Vule” Turn in missions:

    1. Frustrated Functionary
    2. Check Out a Library Book
    3. Eyes Wide Open - (5-6 hour mission timer)
    4. Misty for You
    5. Eye Bound
    6. Memories Lost
  8. There are some augments that can be farmed/camped for:

    1. Ancient Dragon’s Eggshell Fragment - random trash
    2. Pouch of Curses - Throwing pouch (off random trash)
    3. Azure Drop weapon proc
    4. Calcified Heart of the Bonewalker
    5. Emblem of the Violet Order weapon proc
    6. Ice of Insight
    7. Ioan’s Special Ingredient - Damage aug
    8. Maximillion’s Ire - Damage aug
    9. Phantom Soul
    10. Shard of the Guardian - Great tank aug (AC 25)
    11. Shiny Sapphire
    12. Stonewarden - Great tank aug (AC 25)
    13. Wanderer’s Durability

    Dragons of Norrath/Antonica

  9. Good side progression

  10. Evil side progression

  11. Class specific ‘quest’ item

  12. Crown of Deceit (wood elf illusion mask)

  13. Cultural Tradeskill Armor Information

Omens of War


  1. Breakdown in Communication (augment)
  2. The Fourteen Great Adventurers (range)
  3. Discord Skin Samples quest (neck/waist piece Assistant Researcher’s Symbol)
  4. Search Allakhazam for the tradeskill ones

Planes of Power

  1. Aid Grimel earring
  2. Secret of the Planes
  3. The Binden Concerrentia Gate necklace


  1. Earring of Veracity leads to Arx Key
  2. Scepter of Shadows Vex Thall key
  3. Ring of the Shissar Emperor’s Key
  4. Corrupted Shissar Weapons


  1. War on the Giants (Coldain Ring #1-10)

  2. Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl

  3. The Spirit of Garzicor

  4. Key to Sleeper’s Tomb

  5. The Lost Map Eyepatch of Plunder

  6. Ancient Dragon Tome

  7. Key to Cobalt Scar

  8. Link to All Sleepers Tomb quests

  9. Link to All Plane of Mischief’s quests

  10. Link to all Plane of Growth’s quests

  11. Leuz’s Task

  12. Link to all Skyshrine’s quests

  13. Link to all Kael’s quests

  14. Link to all Temple of Veeshan’s quests

  15. Link to all Thurgadin’s quests

  16. Alternate Access to Tower of Solusek Ro


  17. New Key to Veeshan’s Peak

  18. Rune of Scale old key to Veeshan’s Peak

  19. Inside Veeshan’s Peak Dragon quests

  20. Key to Charasis (Howling Stones)

  21. Hand of Glory master key for Charasis

  22. Spirit Wracked Cord

  23. Regal Band of Bathezid (+25 DS right click)

  24. Free the Drogan Slaves (broken?)

  25. Free the Nurgan Slaves (broken?)

  26. The Firepots

  27. Key to Sebilis

Old World Planes

  1. Plane of Fear Grandmaster Assassin’s Seal
  2. Plane of Hate Marsinger’s Quests
  3. Plane of Hate Rogue’s Master Sketch
  4. Link to all Plane of Sky quests

Multi-Continent Quests

  1. Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere

Faydwer (also Antonica)

  1. Adventurer’s Stone


  1. Qeynos Badge, leading to Qeynos Badge of Nobility
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