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PalmPilot News

The 3Com PalmPilot division are continuing their tradition of releasing regular but minor updates to the PalmPilot OS. The latest is release 2.04 which offers improved battery management, better screen sensitivity to stylus taps, better alarm handling, and fixes some TCP/IP problems with the PalmPilot Professional. This upgrade is also bundled with the upgrade of the PalmPilot Desktop software to 2.1, which they now say requires 2.04.

The two PalmPilot models were officially available in the UK at the end of August, which is five months after they reached the stores in America. Most British buyers seem to have chosen to buy via mail order in the United States from web sites, rather than choose old models from local suppliers. Given that prices, even including courier delivery, customs duty and VAT, are lower than British prices, and that delivery times can be as short as three working days, this should come as no surprise to 3Com. My belief is that customers will buy from British suppliers by preference, even with slight increases in cost over the USA, but only if products are actually available. In the past things may have been different, with year and more delays and pound for dollar pricing, but it's futile to dwell on past glories (or excesses, depending upon your point of view). A week is a long time in politics, they say, but the web is even faster still.


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