Lost Dungeons of Norrath

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December 9 2003. The first instances and augments. Expansion currency: adventure points.

Introduced Maguses. You can use these for transport (they are also vendors) by saying the name of your destination, which is any other zone that has a Magus; apart from the Guild Lobby, which has a one way magus, and Abysmal Sea, which can only be reached from Nedaria or Natimbi, and Natimbi, which you can only reach from Nedaria's Landing or Abysmal Sea (Natimbi and Absymal Sea were added during GoD). You can use the maguses from level 15. Maguses were activated by the Adventurer's Stone, a quested Charm augment.

Split Paw was revamped to contain level 65-70 elementals. Mistmoore was also revamped to higher levels, but was reverted some time later (Samanna's claims these were changed during DoN; I'm not sure). Plane of Mischief revamped, and made accessible from the doll's house at the south of the Great Divide.

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  1. Adriana says:

    i hope they bring back the eq1 con system where you didnt know how tough a mob was until you puelld it, it led to some of the best drama in exploring new areas i also hope they lose the greying armor and reduce the no trade and attuned stuff, my second hand armor and weapons should be worth something to another player bring back the player driven economies. most important of all is the out of group buffs!!! nothing brought the community together like an area where everyone looked for buffs from other classes (KEI anyone?) without having to be grouped with that class (6 slots in group 24 classes? ) spread the buffs out a little more evenly maybe so one class isnt the buff god and some get none. reduce all instances to just player housing and allow multiple raids to interact for success on large scale encounters not just contesting one mob but make it so several guilds have to work together rather then compete against. there is alot i miss from eq1 i mean we all hated the wait for the boat while we played eq1 but isnt it one of your most profound memories, getting to freeport from butcherblock took effort getting from freeport to qeynos took effort, the feeling that you accomplished something even from the most mundane task in just getting from 1 city to another. i’m not saying remove transportation but bring back the feeling of accomplishment from the solo play all the way thru raid play.

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