Gates of Discord

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February 10 2004. New class: berserker. Breakdown in Communication quest. The casino in Shadowhaven. New trade skill container interface. Tribute; hand in items to NPCs in home city or Guild Hall to power configurable abilities. Leadership AAs.

An instance zone called the Forgotten Halls was introduced as a trial of instances. This is accessed through an NPC in Nedaria's Landing. Also added Natimbi, Nedaria's Landing and Abysmal Sea to the Maguses.

First Anniversary (March 15) events, introducing Fabled versions of old mobs (Everquest Classic only), with Fabled loot.

A new zone called Shadowrest was introduced for recovering "rotted" corpses (over 7 days old). It is accessed through NPCs in in Plane of Knowledge, Commonlands, and Toxxulia Forest, by saying "travel" to them. Once in the zone, say "relinquish" to the Keeper of Lost Souls to recover your corpse(s).

Veeshan's Peak revamped. Plane of Knowledge open to players without PoP expansion. Boats replaced by transporter gnomes.

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