Omens of War

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September 14 2004. Level cap 70. Added 1.5 epics, requiring level 65 and either epic 1.0 or a special pre-quest to complete; all 1.5 quests required 100+ in some tradeskill. Epics 2.0, requiring epic 1.5 and level 70 to start. Citadel of Anguish. Group trials based in Muramite's Proving Ground rewarding special AAs. Guild tribute. First version of "tasks". New character titles. Voice macros. Attunable items - can be traded until equiped, then become no trade.

Potions were added during this era. These can be bought from potion vendors in Plane of Knowledge and Crescent Reach, or made by shamans. The most generally useful are probably the Distillate of Skinspikes potions, which give a damage shield that stacks with magician and druid cast damage shields.

Veteran rewards added.

The Tutorial (Mines of Gloomingdeep) was changed, with new quests added and many more mobs to kill. You can enter the tutorial up to an including level ten. You enter it by pressing the Tutorial button on the Character Select screen at any time, or by gating into it (if your character is still bound there). You can leave by either clicking on the black tunnel in the main area, which takes you to Crescent Reach (now), or by saving to Arias "ready to leave", which sends you to the Plane of Knowledge.

Trade skill changes: class/race based skills are no longer level capped; you can also no longer train trade skills above 21 at guild masters.

Return Home button added to character select screen. If your character has been logged out for six hours or more, pressing this button will return him to his home city, in front of his guild master (no matter what you have done to your home city faction!).

Characters logged out for one hour or more will be returned to full health/mana/endurance.

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