Dragons of Norrath

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February 15 2005. Guild Hall and Guild Lobby, where buff timers are frozen. Missions based from Lavastorm. Expansion currency: Radiant Crystals and Ebon Crystals; mostly used now to purchase augments (and mainly weapon augments). Advancement AAs earned from progression tasks. In game email.

Bazaar updates including the barter feature. You can place a trader in the barter area (blue halls) and offer to buy items. Use /buyer to become a buyer, or /barter to search for items.

The Bazaar layout was changed to reduce lag, by reducing the number of character that would be in line of sight.

Following the expansion launch events, the city of Firiona Vie was taken by evil races. The former inhabitants have moved to the drolvarg buildings at the east side of the zone. Frogloks were expelled from Grobb/Gukta, and have a new tent city in Rathe Mountains; frogloks can also now be evil classes (necromancer and shadowknight, including rogue).

Lavastorm was revamped, and new low level quests added.

The Guild Lobby includes corpse summoners: you may summon your corpse to the Guild Lobby by purchasing an appropriate soulstone and giving it to one of the Priests of Luclin. This can then be rezzed, by a cleric, paladin or necromancer.

Tradeskill cap raised to 300, and cultural armor with special progression quests added.

Servers were merged in February 2005. All the Zeks are now one server, under Rallos rules. Stormhammer was closed down; characters were offered a free server transfer; any remaining characters are probably on Luclin server.

The "con", or /consider, system was changed around this time. Originally, mobs were red, yellow, white, dark blue and grey; light blue was added between dark blue and grey at some point (probably before Luclin). The new change meant that dark blue was only mobs within 5 levels of you, light blue became what was lower dark blue, green was what was light blue, and mobs that used to be green became grey. In addition, the range for yellow was extended (this may have come in later) to three levels from two. The change to dark blue was to reflect an earlier change that doubled the exp you were given for mobs within five levels - this probably applies upwards as well as down - and yes, it does imply that mobs more than five levels above your level give less experience.

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