The Serpent’s Spine

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September 19 2006. Based in Antonica. Level cap 75. The Drakkin race added, which can take exactly the same classes as humans. Introduced tiered spells; in most cases rank I is purchased from a vendor (but can be dropped in a few cases), rank II is dropped from random mobs, and rank III comes from raids. Has content for levels 1 to 75. Some tasks now give significant experience.

Out of combat regen was added shortly before the release of TSS: starting 30 seconds after you attain out of combat status, you will regen hp/mana/endurance at such a rate that you can regen 100% in three minutes. for raid combat, the timer is 5 minutes.

AA experience was changed so that it was normalised to give roughly the same percentage exp per kill for mobs of the same con as previously at level 70 (in the DoD expansion).

There's also a new resist type, corruption. This is raid only - both gear that increases the resist, and events that require it.

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