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The Buried Sea

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February 13 2007. Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand augment/quest series. Power sources. Expansion currency: Doubloons, Orum, Phosphenes and Phosphites; Doubloon come from Buccaneer faction and can buy rank I spells; orum are associated with Katta faction and rank II spells. Guild banners. Fellowships and campfires.

AA experience was changed. It was intended to give roughly the same amount of experience by con of the mob as at level 70 before these changes; but further changes were made so that characters with low numbers of AAs would gain them faster - initially 2.25 times faster under 75 AAs, dropping gradually until they had 750 AAs.

Pet push was reduced 90%. There is a slight push from pets and melees, but the major factor now in push is nukes/stuns/procs with a push component: enchanters, clerics and paladins all suffer from this to a degree.

Power sources fit into the new slot, and modify the stats on gear according to the power source type, and the purity percentage of the gear. Power sources are trade skill made or purchased with expansion currency; they are also gradually consumed in combat.

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