Secrets of Faydwer

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November 13 2007. Level cap 80. End zone Crystallos. Expansion currency: faycites. Many different factions required for spells and purchasable augments; including type 3 augments. Heroic stats.

You no longer lose experience under level six (this was level ten for some time, but was changed).

For a couple of months in summer 2008, the Living Legacy promotion ran. This reactivated most inactive accounts, and credited them with all expansions up to SoF. A special /claim reward was added for everyone, "Gift of Legacies Lost", which can be claimed on all characters. It includes three items of Defiant armor, a Defiant weapon, some potions, and a scroll with three casts of PoK gate. At the same time, Defiant armor was added as a global drop from any mob. Elaborate Defiant, to give an idea, which has a required level of 59 to equip, and a recommended level of 70, is a little better than Plane of Time raid gear (but worse armor class).

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