Seeds of Destruction

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18 October 2008. Level cap 85. Introduced mercenaries.

Coins are now weightless - this is a change to support mercs.

Shamans and druids can rez for 90% experience returned, and at high levels have their healing boosted to approximately within 5% of clerics.

When you die, you reappear at your bind point with all gear equipped. Your corpse is still where you died, so that it can be rezzed. You may summon it to the Guild Lobby by purchasing an appropriate soulstone and giving it to one of the Priests of Luclin. This can then be rezzed, either by a priest, paladin, necromancer or healer merc. If you have delevelled, then any equipment with a required level higher than your new level will be tinted red on the inventory screen, and its stats will have no effect.

Plane of Tranquility and Plane of Time are now open from level 1.

The cap for AA boost was increased; you now will gain extra exp for AAs until you have 1,000 AAs.

September 2009: Old Man MacKenzie missions added: Classic Monster Missions, choice of Lower Guk Live, Lower Guk undead, and Nagafen's Lair for groups, plus raids: Nagafen and Vox. You shroud to level 50 on a class of your choice.

November 2009: pets persist through camping.

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