Hot Zones

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Go to Franklin Teek, in the Plane of Knowledge near the Guild Lobby. He can tell you the current hot zones (say "level xx" for a specific set), and give you a quest which rewards you with some platinum and an item of Defiant armor (waist back or shoulders) - say "task".

Allakhazam keeps a list of current hot zones at EQ:Hotzones.

Hot zones have a minor boost to experience, typically around 15-25%, and usually have added drops, most of which have been augments.

The purpose of hot zones is to provide a place for characters within their level to gather and group together. It is to encourage grouping, not to boost experience gain or to cater for power levelling.

It is a common problem for the quest window to hide part of the quest details. If you open the quest window (alt-q), you should see the objective, status and zone name; if you don't, you will need to resize the window so that it fits, which will also reveal the mob names. You can also resize the sections by dragging the header divider.

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