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This one is simple: kill/loot/sell.

If your character is still in the Tutorial (Mines of Gloomingdeep), open barrels and loot the bows, which sell for > 1pp. Some of the kobolds also drop staffs that sell for > 4pp (spirit weavers and plaguebearers). You will also find bags in the barrels which will increase your carrying capacity and therefore increase your earnings from regular k/l/s.

If you are very low level and starting on a progression server, the newbie yards drop 2g items for the Luclin era newbie armour quests. The best yard for these drops is Qeynos.

Old players will remember that giants drop up to about 50pp, and they still do. There are sizeable numbers of giants in Rathe Mountains, North and South Ro, and a fast spawn of three ice giants in Everfrost Peaks. The RM giants have moved to a new location in the NE of the zone, and you need to kill place holders - skeletons and other low level mobs to spawn more giants. The Ro giants are the target of some quests from the gypsy camp by the lake in South Ro, which may also be worth doing.

Newer zones have greatly increased value of "vendor trash" drops. Crescent Reach/Blightfire Moors/Goru'kar Mesa, from the TSS expansion, all have excellent rewards for low level characters.

Some other zones with high value drops (I expect up to around 5kpp/hour from gems and high value trash): the Hole, Sebilis, Katta Castrum; some people also recommend Dulak Harbor and Crypt of Decay for gems.

Currently there is no real market in the Bazaar for trade skill drops, as the only useful trade skill is Alchemy (for skinspikes potions and Vila soy Prismatic Dye). When new expansions are released, if there is new cultural armor, that may make skill up items for Tailoring and Blacksmithing valuable again (I have not always seen this happen). This can be checked by scanning the /barter section to see what people are willing to buy, and for what price.

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