Revamped Zones

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The following zones have had graphical revamps, mostly because they were required to add new expansion access points:

West Freeport, East Freeport, North Ro, South Ro, Commonlands, Innothule Swamp, the Feerrott, Toxxulia Forest, Highhold Pass, Misty Thicket, Lavastorm Mountains, Nektulos Forest, Steamfont Mountains.

Other zones have had content revamps at various times, which include: Nurga, Droga, Split Paw, Cazic-Thule, the Hole, City of Mist. These retain the original zone graphics, but have new (higher level) mobs. Mistmoore was revamped in this way, but was reverted to the original content.

This term is also used to refer to the summer events, often called Hardcore Heritage, which can also be called Living Legacy (although that also refers to some other changes). For 2 to 4 weeks at a time, a pair of old zones have the mobs replaced with much higher level ones - 70 to 100, roughly. They have upgraded drops, including some for a special armour quest that rewards better than Defiant, via hand-ins to an NPC in the Plane of Knowledge (Thach Jerden). The drops to look out for (or search for in the Bazaar) are, in increasing order: Athlai, Othni and Reis. The pairs of zone are Blackburrow, Lower Guk, Unrest, Cazic-Thule, Crushbone, Permafrost, Castle Mistmoore, Nagafen's Lair (Sol B). The last pair are new for 2013, and new armor drops, including a new set for Thach Jerden, will probably be added.

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