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Seeds of Destruction Veteran Status

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My account has "Entitlement: Seeds of Destruction Veteran Status"; does this means that I own SoD?

No. That just means that you will get a special /claim reward if you buy SoD (a mount). This was given to anyone whose account was reactivated during the Living Legacy promotion, in summer 2008.

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  1. Do you have to buy SoD or can you get this claim if you buy HoT? I don’t want to have to buy two if I don’t need to, but will if that is the only way to get the mount.

    • All recent expansions have included all previous expansion claim items – so yes, buying HoT will give you the SoD claims (although it may not give you the “Veteran Status” item, that was an either/or claim related to the previous summer’s Living Legacy programme).

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