What are Classic Missions?

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Old Man MacKenzie, in Plane of Knowledge near the brew barrels, offers "Classic Missions" to characters level 80+. These are monster missions where you become a level 50 of any class, wearing what would have been good gear in 1999. Spells work as for shrouds: they go on the hot key bars, rather than in the spell bar.

He offers three group missions - Lower Guk (live side), Nagafen's Lair and Cursed Guk (also in Lower Guk, but undead side); and two raid missions - Lady Vox and Nagafen. In each mission you have to kill certain mobs and open a chest (with loot) at the end. Rewards are in a special currency: McKenzie's Sepcial Brew, which you can use to buy items from him.

These missions are a permanent addition to the game.

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