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Augmentations are items that can be combined with weapons and armor to add stats to the base gear that you are enhancing. Any stats can be affected, but the most popular armor augments add armor class, hit points and mana; weapon augments add procs or extra damage. Augments were added in the LDoN expansion, and are commonly found from hot zones, and as drops from more recent expansion zones.

Most gear has at least one augment slot, and often two or three. Slots can usually only accept certain types of augment, and augments are usually restricted according to which armor slot (eg, chest, charm or head) they can be used in. Common augment types are type 7 (non-raid gear and augment), type 8 (raid gear and augment), type 4 (weapon effect, found only on weapons and cleric epic shields). Type 3 slots are found on rarer drops, and so far are used for increasing the power of certain spells. Other augment slot types increase the purity of an item, which increases how much the item can have its stats affected by power sources.

You can add or remove augments from your gear at augmentation pools, often called "bird baths", because that's what they remind us of. To add an augment, find a pool and put in both the augment and the gear you want to upgrade; if it is compatible with the aug and has a free slot, it will work. To remove an augment, you need to buy a distiller from the vendors that are usually near the pools. Put the gear with the aug you want to remove in the pool with the right distiller, and you will either get back both the item of gear and the aug, or the aug will be destroyed. Each aug requires a certain distiller to remove it, but some augs can only be destroyed, not removed. To destroy an aug, combine the gear with a solvent (again, of the right type), and you will get back just the item of gear.

Augmentation pools can be found: in each LDoN wayfarer camp, two in the Guild Lobby, in the Guild Hall, in the Bazaar, in Blightfire Moors, and one in Crescent Reach.

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