How long does it take to download?

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Short answer: it varies. A lot.

Long answer: don't believe the timer on the patcher, it overestimates. Everquest Launchpad is supposed to be faster than the old Everquest patcher, which is now disabled. Remember that there is more than 8 GB (approximately 8.3 for Veil of Alaris) to download for a normal install.

People have posted that up to 18 hours isn't atypical.

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  1. Sikk says:

    Slight update for you, I just downloaded the latest version while reinstalling. it came to slightly over 8GB.

  2. paul says:

    This article refers to Everquest II (2) not to the older and superior Everquest which is still going strong and has almost 3 times the player base…but thanks to sony’s new strategy of going free to play (note like turbine, they where not forced into this because of hardly any players) that now you play it like you would on facebook…but you can still pay to play if you wish and is the only way to play because otherwise despite what is said on the sony sites….you are missing 2/3rds of what the game offers…oh and no chatting in the chat channels…woot?

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