What to buy?

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If you play Free or Silver versions, then there's nothing to buy (beyond the one-off $5 price for Silver). If you are a subscriber (Gold), then you only need buy the current expansion, Veil of Alaris, if you want to use features or content from that expansion.

Ideally you should buy the Veil of Alaris pack from the Station Store. This contains all previous expansions for Everquest and includes mercenaries, and is all you need to play (you will also need an active subscription). Price is normally around $40, and includes a free 30 days play for new accounts only. For returning players, it is best to activate an old account, as this will have Veteran rewards available, which will be worth considerably more than one months subscription ($15) for most people.

No, you can't buy just the latest expansion separately - SOE are giving you the previous expansions for FREE, and before they started bundling old expansions, each new expansion cost > $30.

Sometimes Everquest has been available through Steam at a significant discount; it's worth checking, as is Amazon, which has some good offers. Be aware that Amazon US will only ship to the USA. Direct2Drive may be worth checking as well.

If you see used copies of Everquest on eBay - be warned that the CD codes can only be used once (this isn't very relevant while it is download only).

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