Are there enough players?

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"Are there enough players to make this game worth playing?

I played it years ago and I want to know if theres a server that is heavily populated as it was like about a decade ago."

Peak population for Everquest was (probably) in Luclin/PoP, at around 450,000 subscribers spread over 40+ servers. There are currently (again, probably) 150,000 on 20+ servers. So in theory populations are around half of what they were at their peak.

But you have to consider level spread as well. A year after max level was raised to 85 most players are 75-85 now, with a similar number of zones for them to gain meaningful experience in as the first couple of years of Everquest (the zones from expansions TSS/TBS/SoF and SoD, compared with Everquest Classic and Kunark). So in fact experience zone populations are similar to what they were ten years ago - 40 players in a popular zone like Field of Scale is nothing to be surprised about.

Levelling is now much faster than it was, and play styles have changed a lot. Mercenaries mean that there's no reason to ever sit waiting for a group at lower levels, and it takes much less time to reach higher levels than ever before. One impact of this is that you need to be much more active to find groups than before. Another change with consequences is the spread of power from gear between groupers and raiders, which means that pick up groups aren't as popular as they were before, and why it is vitally important to join a guild if you want to get groups.

So, in short - yes, there are enough players, on most servers, and the effective population is similar to ten years ago. But there have been many changes in the game, mostly for the better - so don't expect it to be exactly as it was before.

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