Is Everquest dying?

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You know that we are going to answer "no", right? 🙂

Everquest has lasted over ten years, and still has regular new expansion releases. Despite getting no advertising or shelf space (because SOE has switched it to digital download only), Everquest still has a higher population than Everquest II.

It is true that population dropped from the peak in 2004, which was probably around 450,000 subscriptions, with over 40 servers. Servers were merged in early 2005 down to 24 (including three special rules servers), but populations have been more or less stable since then; player speculation suggests possibly 150 - 200k subscriptions, which leaves Everquest in the first rank of Western paid-for MMOs.

To quote Greg House, "everyone dies" (sic). The only question is how long - and even the most jaded can still see several years of life in the old game.

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  1. Ranlron swiftsong says:

    Personally:I think it is.It is getting older, and while i have very nostalgic(good memories) I think that there are a number of reasons it is dying.

    1:Newer games with better graphics and better pvp:Wow has better pvp, and people like runescape’s pvp.I still think everquest has better pvp than those 2 i mentioned before though.

    2:Greed:I find that some of the degrade had to do with allowing people to buy gear on firiona vie server, and purchase plat.Because people became too greedy and materialistic, i think the attitude of sony reflected the attitude of the players, which contributed to the decay of the game

    3:Splitting the community with new mmorpgs:Everquest 2, star wars online etc probably helped contribute to people leaving everquest and going to play eq2, and star wars online.

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