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In June 2006 SOE opened a special rules server called Combine; shortly after, due to demand, another server with the same rule set was opened - Sleeper. These were eventually merged into one, and then merged with a regular server (Xegony). The rule was to "progress" through expansions, starting with the original Everquest Classic. Each new expansion was opened when certain specific achievements were completed - Kunark required Nagafen and Vox (and a couple of others - Phinegal Atropos, and Planes of Hate and Sky), and Velious required Trakanon, Venril Sathir, Phara Dar, all class 1.0 epics (and more). People who participated in each achievement kill were granted a special title. There were quite a few glitches that caused problems: Defiant armor dropped (when it was included at a later date), the Anniversary Fabled events and hot zones all were anachronisms.

On 15 February 2011, a new progression server, Fippy Darkpaw (named for persistence, perhaps?) opened. A second TLP server called Vulak'Aerr was added on the same day due to demand. See Fippy Darkpaw announcement thread for some details and a FAQ. This is a Time Locked Progression server: there is a minimum time set for each expansion (at least 60 days, 90 days for Everquest Classic), plus the achievements (same as for Combine), then a waiting period of one week plus a server vote to progress, which will repeat on a weekly basis if the result was no.

More information is available in the livecast.

Progression servers are not available to Free or Silver accounts.

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