What serverwide channels are used?

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serverwide.eqlive:TNZ ?
BRD: serverwide.bards:bards
BST: serverwide.beastlords:beastlords
BER: serverwide.berserker:berserker
CLR: serverwide.cleric:cleric
DRU: serverwide.druidsgrove:password & serverwide.eqdruids:eqdruids ?
ENC: serverwide.enchanter:enchanter
MAG: serverwide.magicians:fluffy
MNK: serverwide.monklybusiness:monk (wrong password), monkey:business
NEC: serverwide.necro:necro ?, serverwide.necrotalk:necrotalk
PAL: serverwide.pon:pon & serverwide.paladins:paladins
RNG: serverwide.ranger:ranger ? & outriders:outriders
ROG: serverwide.rogue:rogue ?
SHD: serverwide.sk:sk
SHM: serverwide.crucible:crucible
WAR: serverwide.thesteelwarrior:thesteelwarrior
WIZ: serverwide.graffe:graffe, eqwizards:eqwizards
Tradeskills: serverwide.eqtraders:extruders

All the ones listed above have been active at some point; the ones marked with a question have been empty when I have tried to join them recently.

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