Basic Commands

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f you go to options (alt-o), there is a Keys tab that will give you lists of the various keyboard combinations, and gives you the ability to change them; make sure you browse this to see what key strokes have been configured. Your key settings apply to all characters on your account, not just the one you use to set them.

F1-F6 targets yourself and group members. Pressing the key again will cycle between them & their pet if they have one.

F7 targets the nearest player in front of you. Repeated presses will target the next nearest, and so on.

F8 the nearest NPC. Repeated presses will target the next nearest, and so on.

F9 cycles in order through the 6 different camera angles.

F10 switches between the normal game screen and one without any visible UI (normally for taking pictures (- key) without the UI in the way).

F11 toggles the connection/lag meter.

F12 toggles mouse control.

Some other common ones to get you started (this is by no means meant to be a complete list):

B - Bandolier

C - Con. How hard might this NPC be to kill.

H - Hail. This is how you begin to interact with most NPCs after targeting them. Vendors, Bankers, Tribute Masters and Guild Masters you right click to interact with.

M - Also [Backspace] - Map window.

P - Customer Service/Petition Window

[Shift-p] - Potion Belt

Q - Auto-attack

R - Reply to the last player that sent you a tell. Use [Tab] key to cycle between the last several players that send tells (10?)

/T - Sent a tell to another player

U - action on whatever is in the centre of your screen: open door, vendor, etc.

[Num Lock]- Auto-run

[Page Up/Page Down] - Change view angle up & down.

/who or just / displays a list of who is in the current zone. Variations include "/who ", "/who nn nn" for level range.

Some useful options aren't bound to keys: mercenary window, paste from clipboard, open inventory bags, cycle extended targets, cycle nearest NPCs - it really is a good idea to scan through the Options->Keys window from time to time.

By default you are placed in some general chat channels, although the main General channel is only joined by default if you are at least level 20. You can always type "/join General" to join manually. Type /list to see which channels you are in. /# will allow you to talk into a specific channel. At least on my server if you ask about a command in general, you should get an answer to help you. Just ignore the losers that tell you to /q or /ex.

Thanks to Hidron (and others) for posting most of this on the SOE TNZ board. See also a more detailed discussion in Everquest Game Guides - "What commands do you wish you knew a long time ago?".

For use in hotkeys there are some special commands:

/cast n - casts the spell in your spell bar in position n.

/pause n - in tenths of a second, pauses before the next line is executed. Note that tis applies to the next line, not the current line. The global spell cooldown is 3.5 seconds, so you will want to use 35 + spell cast time in tenths + lag if you want to cast two spells in a row. AAs can be invoked without allowing for a cool down.

/timer n - for use in hotkeys/macros; shows a timer countdown on the hot key, and (I believe) blocks it from being reactivated within that time.

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