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This is being dropped when Everquest goes Free to Play, on 29th February 2012. If you used this before then, you will stop receiving any experience gains on that date.

Added in July 2011. Sign-up page is Recruit Friends... Earn Rewards!. The details are that you will be given a free month subscription for each friend recruited up to 25. The recruit must start their subscription during their trial period.

In game rewards:

  • a free mount
  • 2 Legends of Norath boosters
  • 250 Station Cash
  • Bonus experience: 2x when grouped, +50% when not grouped by friend is in close range

. The recruit will get

  • 3x experience
  • a "Head Start" character, level 51 with 50 AAs (not on TLP)
  • a title "the Adventurous"
  • and a LoN starter pack and boster

Note that, although this exp boost stacks with other boosts, the way boosts scale you may not seem to get the full addition, although internally you are; it just gets capped.

5 Responses to “Recruit-a-Friend”

  1. Scath says:

    If I did the free trial, then found someone in game to refer me would I get two 14 day trials that way? I don’t know anyone that plays to refer me, but am afraid doing the trial would rule me out from the raf benifits.

    • Borek says:

      No, the RaF only applies to Station ids that haven’t had a trial or previous subscription. You could use two Station ids, but that would mean different characters (I assume that the price of transferring a character between ids would be too high).

  2. Jiajia says:

    Could i creat 2 accounts and recruit one of them with the other one?
    And another question,does it have any restriction for different countries?I’m from China and some of my trail accounts seemed not working after the first day.I doubt it has anything to do with my email adress or IP independence.

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