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A new currency (crowns) and a special vendor (Alerynril the Loyal) in Plane of Knowledge have appeared (in September 2010). This vendor sells all older currencies, although not the current expansion currency: platinum, faycitum, phosphenes,phosphites, chronobines, doubloons, radiant/ebon crystals. Also special food and drink, faction change potions, gold tickets, stat earrings, port potions, rez potions, extra character slots, bags, housing items, and various other items.

Crowns are given to each account every week they are subscribed; the amount goes up the longer the account has been continuously subscribed, up to a maximum for being subscribed continuously for the last year. If your account is unsubscribed for a period, the recurring amount starts to drop. This amount is the "velocity" that you see on the inventory screen.

The highest rate should be 120 crowns/loyalty tokens per week, and the max you can have is 3,120 (this may be wrong, I will check).

Tip: good items to buy here are heirloom bags, extra character slots, gold tokens, and anchors (clickies than can port you to your house/guild hall).

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