Free/Silver account with unusable gear?

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After a recent patch, for Free/Silver accounts, Prestige augments should no longer force an item to be unusable, with a red shade.

Old note follows...

If you are a returning player with a Free/Silver account, you may have noticed a loss of stats, and your gear has a yellow tint.

This is because of a Prestige item, which you can't use. Prestige items include higher tier group and raid items from SoD or later, plus almost all augs and power sources.

You should therefore remove any power source (which acts as an invisible aug on every item), and augs from unusable items.

2 Responses to “Free/Silver account with unusable gear?”

  1. John Mathis says:

    This appears to be one more RIP OFF, such as Sony did back in the day (1998) when staff would lure newbies into traps and loot their bodies. SEEN IT DONE. Now, they just TAKE what we paid for, i.e. the Crystals that were exchanged for augs, etc to the Wayfarer Vendors…SO< what is to stop them from taking your "extra" slots, also paid for, or any other item they declare UNUSABLE until you PAY MORE MONEY? I paid for 14 years, w/ CC, and feel I should retain what I paid for, and IF Daybrk has any thought of keeping customers over time, they should RESTORE the purloined items. BAD ADMIN choice. Get your revenue from other sources. I hate being ROBBED and not even a kiss to show.

  2. John Mathis says:

    I have a Silver acct, after 14 years. Got tired of the constant RIP OFF by SONY/Mgmt, and little to NO help from the so-called Helpers. Been out of the loop since the BIG HACK, and now have to sort out which toons are nerfed and reset hundreds of gear augs. Bah> supposed to be fun, but more like WORK. TOO old to start over.

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