Rain of Fear

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Level increase to 100. Adds in agro meter and offline broker; new quests for titles, ...

One added feature is collections, which seems as if it will work the same as it has always done for Everquest 2. Completing collections will reward you with achievements and titles, and possibly other rewards.

The expected release date is 28th November, 2012.

Includes all previous expansions; note that, so far, Free to Play users will still only have access to expansions through House of Thule (i.e. not Veil of Alaris or Rain of Fear).

Standard Claim Items

  • Harbinger's Staff (Only Available with Pre-Order)
  • Fear Corrupted Phase Spider Metamorph Totem (Only Available with Pre-Order)
  • Collector's Dimensional Case
  • Traveler's Rucksack
  • Idol of Cazic Thule
  • Holgresh Metamorph Totem
  • Contract of the Apparitional Alaran
  • Painting: Rain of Fear
  • Bracelet of the Severed Hand

Collector's Edition Claim Items
All standard items plus:

  • Collectors Only Collection Quest
  • Journeymans Pocketed Rucksack
  • Evantil's Abode
  • Holgresh House Pet
  • Contract of the Fallen
  • Painting: Shards Landing
  • Thulian Bracelet of the Severed Hand

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