Corpse runs

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You no longer are required to undertake dangerous corpse runs. On death, you respawn at your bind point; most people make this in the Guild Lobby, for easy access to corpse summoners and players to rez you. This requires you to have enough cash in hand to buy a corpse summoning stone, which ranges from a few platinum to several hundred platinum, and which you hand to corpse summoner.

You still lose exp as before; approximately 10% of a level if not rezzed, but a higher level cleric can give you a 96% rez, meaning that you lose less than 0.5% of a level. This exp loss starts at level 6, but is very minor for many levels even without a rez. There is a Veteran AA, Expedient Recovery, which you can use once per week, and summons all your corpses to you and gives you a 100% rez on each corpse; clerics also have an AA that allows then to rez one corpse once every day for 100%.

There's one catch: corpses have a timer, and once it is elapsed they can't be resurrected (and will vanish). This timer is 3 hours in game, or 7 days if you aren't logged in. Logging in that account on ANY character counts against the 3 hour timer, though, as does being at the character select screen.

Necros and shadowknights have AA corpse summons (which don't consume a coffin), and can work across zones.

In addition, the /consent command will always tell you which zone your corpse(s) are in.

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