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While you have an active subscription, meaning that you have signed up for Everquest with a Station account, you are given crowns every week. The number you earn depends on how long you have been active for, up to a maximum of 12 months. The amount you get depends on your subscriptions: Free members get the least, 30 crowns, Silver get 60, and Gold (i.e. paying subscribers) earn the most, 120 crowns. You stop earning when you pass 5,800 crowns.

With your Loyalty Crowns, you can make purchases from Alerynril the Loyal in the Plane of Knowledge, located next to Secalna Galnor near the Crescent Reach stone, or another NPC in Sunrise Hills (the housing zone).

A lot of the options to buy are housing items including houses, and minor stat food and drink; there are also a number of level 80 required earrings (including EM4 for pet classes), faction fixing potions, port potions, AA glyphs, an item unattuner, a gingerbread man mercenary and various other items. Prices range from 4 to 1,728 crowns. Notable items are:

Bag of Platinum (436) Gives you 15,210 pp when clicked (this may vary randomly)
Bag of Orux/Chronobines/Faycitum/Phosphites/Doubloons/Ebon Crystals/Radiant Crystals (7 - 18)
Gold Ticket (960)
Doll of Character (1,296) Adds one character slot to your account
16 slot, 100% WR bag (1,728)

Ebon and Radiant crystals can be used to buy bags and augments in Lavastorm.

The name of the bag varies frequently.

Most items you can buy are Heirloom, meaning they can be passed between characters on the same account. Only the Bag of Platinum is Prestige (and so can only be used by Gold Members).

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