The Broken Mirror

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Beta should start at end of October, release 18th November 2015.

No new levels, but new AAs and spells. The big new game feature is an illusion keyring.

The expansion will have four new zones, and three revamped zones (presumably Plane of Hate, Plane of Fear, and probably Plane of Tranquility as the gateway zone).

Hate and Fear will scale for groups and raids of 75-105, in the same manner as Heroic Adventures, so based on the highest level character.

There are three bundles:

Standard edition: $35; all expansions (so including TDS and TBM), beta access, 10 slots for the illusion keyring, and Shroud of the Bokon (illusion).

Collector's edition: $90; all the above, plus: and extra 10 illusion keyring slots, Shroud of Relife (illusion), Satchel of Shattered Eternites (40 slot bag). Plus, one per character: Touchstone of Health, Cynosure of Health (portal clicky and housing item to Plane of Health), Contract of the Chosen (mercenary), and a painting.

Premium edition, $140: all the above, plus: and extra 30 illusion keyring slots, a Pridewing Lion "flying" mount; this is the best stat bonus mount. And the same one per character item.

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