Everquest: The Newbie Zone FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Everquest


This site contains an FAQ for The Newbie Zone, a forum section on the official SOE forums for Everquest. It is managed by Paul Lynch, who posts as Borek-VS on the SOE forums.

I want to thank the denizens of The Newbie Zone for these answers (and questions!), in particular Iceblossom, who created the Returning Player FAQ Thread, which lead indirectly to this FAQ being created.

To ask a question, just post on The Newbie Zone.  Questions that are asked often will be added to this site.  You can also use the "Question" boxes on the main index and group pages.

Other blogs here are:

Paul Lynch’s Pages (mostly about programming for Apple) and (N)EverQuest Scrolls (which is for general posts about Everquest).

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