Bayle's Heraldic Crest

This includes the first progression series of quests for Seeds of Destruction; in fact, it is the progression series plus all the other quests required to complete the Bayle’s Heraldic Crest shield augmentation for this line; the Allakhazam description has a good write-up in the comments. By completing just the progression quests, you will gain access to the next highest level of Void, and will be able to hire Journeyman tier 2 mercenaries. Individual stages of the Hero’s Journey achievements reward Paragon’s armor, which is a large step up from Glowing Othni (which in turn is a minor notch above Hero’s, which is rewarded from the Jonas Dagmire’s Skeletal Hand quest series).

See Samanna’s (née Rasper’s) guide for details, although the ZAM guides for individual quests are more detailed.

All of these 22 quests take place in the Oceangreen theme zones. If you just want the progression (and therefore Void and mercenary access), you only need six quests, but these include the group missions as well, which aren’t required for the augment.

Some other quests that don’t reward augment components are pre-requisites of these, so it gets complicated working out what exactly you need to complete.

My preferred order for these quests is to start in Oceangreen Hills with the series from Tabron Caulria and Bronal Cadran, then the remaining quests from the Keep. After that, move to Oceangreen Village for the quests that take place there, then go to the north end of Oceangreen Hills for the quests from Kerrin the Unkempt. Leave the Blackburrow quests for next to last, and finally finish up with the remaining Apothecary Cadmael quest for the Temple of Bertoxxulous.

One of the improvements in Seeds of Destruction with these long series quests was that you could store the quests pieces with Tavid Dennant in the Guild Lobby, and retrieve them when required to make the final combines. The tasks also reward chronobines, and you should have no problem earning enough to buy components needed for combines. Faction requirements may be a bit more tricky, however, and require repeating some quests. Also, most quests here will give you 2 - 3 AAs or 1 - 2% level experience, which is a pleasant change.

As always, gather as many quests as possible for each area before you start, and try to be aware of what tasks require completion of other quests before they will open to you.


For progression, you need the two quests from Sergeant Bronal Cadran, plus one that isn’t part of the aug series, Familiarity is Key from Captain Hiran Tillin (mapping in Oceangreen Village), and three missions, two of which take place in Oceangreen Village instances, and one in Blackburrow. As with the aug quests, you may need other precursor quests, and amiable faction to get the tasks. The simplest way is to find someone who can request the missions for you.

To be fair, the only progression flags of much use in Seeds of Destruction now are from the Korascian Warrens to obtain J4 mercenaries.

Oceangreen Hills

From the guard tower on the east side of the zone:

Magus Wentior (SE corner, level 74). He has a couple of guards, but they can be pulled singly, then kill cultists around the Temple of Bertox in Oceangreen Village.

From Bayle’s Keep in the north east:

These cover infected animals, undead by the Keep and a FedEx quest in Oceangreen Hills/Village. You’ll be killing the same mobs a lot for various drops in quests that can’t all be done at the same time. You want to open up Archon Darianna Althus’s quests before you do the rest of the undead quests, if at all possible; and you need to have finished Tabron Caulria’s (the Keep) and Bronal Cadran’s (the guard tower) quests to talk to Darianna Althus.

While killing animals, look out for a handful of grains and bloodberry/blueberry branches, for Oceangreen Village quests.

For Test the Waters you will need to say “Tabron sent me” to Morris Olberson to collect the vials; make sure that you have a free top level slot when you do. Two of the samples are from water in Oceangreen Village, the remaining two from Oceangreen Hills. It helps to have IVU potions to take the sample from the glade. After this, if you have also completed Bronal’s quests, you will be able to take Archon Darianna Althus’s quests, which combine with Garvin Windrunner’s second quest.

You can’t take Seradi’s quest until you have done the quests from Kerrin the Unkempt in the Glade.

Migglethorpe the Putremancer, level 76; wanders west of the keep mainly. You can do this at any time, but it’s probably simplest to pick it up at the start and complete it before you finish with the undead near the keep.

From the Glade at the north of the zone:

Foraged and ground spawn, the poachers (need a tracker while doing something else), then kill in the Glade. Don’t forget Seradi Stormcaller’s quest from the keep, as you will need to have done at least Kerrin’s and Tabron’s quest chains to request it.

For the “Cure the Crud” quest, you will need Oceangreen Wheatgrass, a Pinecone and four maggots. These are all foraged; combine the maggots in the Stone Vial first, then the result with the remaining ingredients: WARNING the maggot combine is temporary, so if you don’t have the Pinecone and Wheatgrass, don’t do it! What’s more, both maggots and wheatgrass are foods. As navigating the caves is a pain, it’s probably best if you have all these ingredients and a free top inventory slot before going in. Foraged items can be foraged in all zones in the theme; maggots seem to be commoner in the Temple of Bertoxxulous.

To use the “curative elixir”, you must be within melee range of the plant for around 8 seconds to cast it. It can be applied at any time, but the quest will only update when the plant falls below 50%. After completing this quest, Kerrin may not give the right prompts - so you must say “shears” to her to get the last quest, “Stop the Spreading”.

The trees are all in the glade area, that will become Surefall Glade, and everything in this area before the grizzlies is undead. Dessicated treelings and blackbriars are common in the area, but there is only two possible spawns of a tottering treant. One is at the back near the false wall, and the other is one of the mobile trees that walk in front of the pool. This is also spawns the defiled ancient treant, which you need to kill for Seradi Stormcaller’s quest (from Bayle’s Keep); the spawn rate is very low.

Oceangreen Village

Kill undead and animals in Oceangreen Village. You can get most of the animal drops from weak animals, and these can all be pre-looted. Try to avoid the wisps, which are undercons and will assist. There are plenty of undead north of the village on the west side (at night), and in and around the crypt on the east of the zone. Good spots for animals are north of the temple and east of the village, around the pits. Note that the two types of branches only drop from rats, and everything else drops from animals other than rats. Wolf whiskers are excessively rare, so you will probably still be looking for them when all else is done.

This is carried out in the Temple of Bertoxxulous:

Kill in the temple, then clear an area and summon a named to kill; mobs are 75-78. This is probably the hardest quest in the sequence; see the ZAM link for details.

Old Blackburrow

You may not be able to enter Blackburrow if you haven’t completed certain quests - possibly the Tabron Caulria and Bronal Cadran series, and possibly the first Fripp quest as well; you may also need to have one of the subsequent Blackburrow quests in order to enter.

These quests are carried out in Blackburrow, and are taken from the Darkpaw camp on the west side of Oceangreen Hills:

Starts with killing lurkers outside Blackburrow, then moves inside; you will only see the drop needed for the quest if one of your group has that quest, and they can’t be pre-looted. If you are trying to qualify to request the instance missions needed for progression, you probably have to complete all these first, and possibly repeat to gain faction.

Escort quest in Blackburrow, can be done at any time you are there, best combined with one of the kill quests.

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