Bristlebane Day

I think this starts at roughly the same time as the Anniversary (always 16th March), but can’t be sure.

Achievements are:

The Repercussions of Fun, Bobo Gleemaker in Plane of Knowledge, near Tranquility stone

A Fool’s Errand, Emissary of Bristlebane in Plane of Knowledge, near main bank

The rewards aren’t great; you may need Rain of Fear to access, and the solo tasks are scaleable (if you want to shroud), but probably require level 65 or greater. For “A Fool’s Errand”, the recipe isn’t memorised, and you have to make the pies the old way.

In addition, there is also the “Brew Day Hats” achievement, for collecting the two shamrock hats that drop around this time (presumably associated with St Patrick’s Day, not “Patty’s”!). The Hero’s Forge achievements are hidden away under General->Class.

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