Frostfell Quests

THese are split into three phases:

Santug’s Stocking (Frostfell 2006)

It’s a good idea to collect your Adventurer’s Stone for fast travel via the Maguses, if you don’t already have one. If your home city is Crescent Reach, you can start this quest by talking to Vladnelg Galvern sitting outside the upstairs bank. This quest series should be doable by all over level 10.

Searching for Clues - a Frostfell Goblin, home towns and Plane of Knowledge

Only available for the first couple of days. After that, the remaining quest NPCs will appear in the home towns and Plane of Knowledge. Collect five clues that drop from grimps (small red imps) in newbie areas. Santug Claugg is a red armoured ogre who follows the same pathing as the grimps; he will cast disruptive spells on you (like Mesmerize). When you hand in the clues to a Frostfell goblin, you will be given the next quest.

Saving Santug - a Frostfell Goblin, home towns and Plane of Knowledge

You are sent to find the Grinnuch in Everfrost. He’s at the NW end of the triangle of land where the Wayfarer’s camp is. You are then told to search nearby, where you will find a hiding Frostfell goblin to talk to. The final stage is to collect Santug’s Gifts, which drop from (any) creatures in Everfrost, Permafrost and Blackburrow. Keep bringing them to the goblin until he finds a sled, which you can give to the Grinnuch. Almost every kill should drop a gift, and I needed 7 of them before I got the sled.

At the end of these two quests, you will have a (non-container) Santug’s Stocking.

The above two quests are available for the first few days of Frostfell (started on 12 December, 2013. finishing on 17 December 2013). After that, the remaining quests appear, and the NPCs sitting in every home town and Plane of Knowledge change. You need to complete five quests in all to get the maxed out Santug’s Stocking - which means all five of the following, or the previous two quests (counting as one) plus four more.

As some of these quests involve trade skills, you should aim to have baking over 135 and raise fishing as high as you can. You will also want some smithed items: Animal Shaped Cookie Cutter (trivial 40), Muffin Tin (35), Bread Tin (40 - not needed as loaf of bread can be bought), and Pie Tin (35). If you have completed the starter quests, you may want to consider skipping this one, which also needs fair number of sub-combines. You don’t in theory need any fishing skill for the fishing quest, but you will need a lot of bait and a number of fishing rods.

Santug’s List - Santug Claugg, Plane of Knowledge

The list portions drop from the Grimps, and you have to get the quest from Santug Claugg, after the first two quests are closed. Do this in Butcherblock, and make sure you have the fishing quest (for the Dagnor’s Cauldron fish) and Tinam’s quest. Concentrate on Tinam’s quest, and kill any grimps you see - a see invisible buff will help a lot for this. Most of the grimps will pass by the Knowledge Portal in that north/south passageway.

A Gift for Tinam - Santug Claugg, Plane of Knowledge

This is a FedEx quest; you collect it from Santug Claugg (home towns or Plane of Knowledge), go to Butcherblock, run around (a lot), then return to Santug. If you are an evil race, make sure you have some way to invis, as you will have to pass by a number of guards who won’t like you.


Fishing for a Feast - Hargar the Velium Chef, Plane of Knowledge

You have to collect special fish from High Hold Pass, Lake Rathetear, Everfrost, Dagnor’s Cauldron, and Feerrott. When you catch one of these fish, you should see a yellow text message. Most of these are straightforward, but in Everfrost you need to buy a Nest Lantern from the vendor (Maryg the Fisher) on the ice river; there are some reports that the other fish respond to a light source, although I can’t say that I have noticed a difference. The preferred fishing spot in Everfrost is at the end of the river in the underwater cave. Note that the quest text says “Nest Trout”, but actually you will catch “Everfrost Trout” for the hand-in.

In High Pass, try fishing outside the Tiger’s Roar Inn.

In Lake Rathertear, fish from the Aviak Monument (on an island in the centre of the lake).

The rare fish aren’t food, so you shouldn’t need to worry about accidentally eating your catch.

You may be able to combine the fishing with trips to Everfrost/Butcherblock for the Santug’s List quest.

The reward is a Hargar Brand Fishing Pail, which is a clicky bait dispenser. If you have a Fisherman’s Companion from the Fisherman’s Companion quest, that dispenses free fishing rods (and helps a lot with Summon Ale, too!).

Baking for a Feast - Hargar the Velium Chef, Plane of Knowledge

You are asked to supply the following:

You can skip this step if you have done the first two quests; otherwise, the highest trivial is 135 baking, and you will need some smithed tools as well.

Fireworks - Fireworks Engineer Fabdabus, Plane of Knowledge

This quest changes with level. You can shroud down to accept a lower level quest, then unshroud to complete it. The lowest level quest involves collecting fireworks that drop in Crushbone, Blackburrow and Upper Guk. The mobs that drop the fireworks are casters and higher level mobs in general, so you can skip the low level melee-only mobs in each zone.

Upgrading Stockings - a Frostfell Goblin, Plane of Knowledge

If, by any chance, your stocking isn’t automatically upgraded, you can hand it in to one of the Frostfell goblins for an upgrade.

Final reward is Santug’s Stocking

Frostfell 2005

The Clockwork Party Machine (2005)

M C Tinkerton, in Plane of Knowledge next to the Great Divide stone. Varies by level, kills in Great Divide.

Old Frostbeard

Also in Great Divide. More kills near the centre mountain in the Great Divide.

Reward (varies by level):

Frostfell 2007

All these quests are given by Zoog, in the frost giant fort in the Great Divide.

Search for Bram Brandyfoot

Talk to Zott (same place), and go to the caves near Velk’s Labyrinth. Kill level 25 snowmen and loot them, then return to Zoog.

Rescue Hailie Biggeyes

Talk to Zobb in the giant fort, then find Hailie in the NE corner of the zone. Kill the snowmen, loot, and return to Zoog.

The Freedom of Kanf Shadowhands

Talk to Zipp in the fort, find Kanf in the Tizmak caves (NW of zone), kill snowmen, loot and return to Zoog.

The Savior of Gemmi Goodkin

Find Gemmi in the wurm caves. Father Frostheart spawns (level is relative to the character who spawns him), loot, and return to Zoog. Reward on completion is 5 Potions of Adventure (exp potions).

Rewards (dropped by the snowmen):

Frosty Snow Globe Icicle Cake Official Red Runner Piston Action 10 Shot Crossbow Red Velvet Ice Skates The Fruit Cake

Frostfell 2008

Talk to the gigglegibber goblins in the Plane of Knowledge by the small bank. Note that the rewards are all required level 65.

Presents Lost (55+)

Assigned by Ella Straw. Fight in Hate’s Fury.

Reward: Snowball

Gifts Ungiven (level 65+)

Assigned by Cordys Leaflighter. Thundercrest Isles.

Reward: Snowball

Misplaced Wishes (level 75+)

Assigned by Rellith Akkanar. Collect drops and groundspawn from Fortress Mechanotus.

Reward: Snowball

The Frostclaw Lair (55-75+)

Kills in a Permafrost instance, varies by level requesting. Follows Presents Lost.

Reward: Mask of the Grumpy Goblin

Frostfell 2010

Gathering Holiday Cheer (10+)

Starts with Kuutas Gigglegibber next to the Plane of Tranquility stone in the Plane of Knowledge. sends you to a level dependent zone to kill and collect drops - Crescent Reach, South Karana, Dawnshroud Peaks, Cobalt Scar, Corathus Creep, Skyfire Mountains, Buried Sea, Elddar Forest, Dragonscale Hills, Hills of Shade, Fungal Forest, Feerrott the Dream (every ten levels from 10 - 100)

Operation Jolliness (By Any Means Necessary)

Starts with Kuutas Gigglegibber next to the Plane of Tranquility stone in the Plane of Knowledge; must have completed Gathering Holiday Cheer. Takes you to an instance of Icewell Keep.

Rewards (choice from):

Housing items, plus some chest rewards.

All You Need is Luck (10+)

Starts with Pizmip Nobbletod in the Plane of Knowledge, near the Bazaar. You have to make gather some clockwork items, make some recipes using drops from ANY drunkard and ANY lizard, eat them, then loot a Rabbit’s Foot from a level dependent zone: Crescent Reach, Blightfire Moors, Stone Hive, Goru’kar Mesa, Broodlands, Steppes, Sunderock Springs, Dragnscale Hills, Oceangreen Hills, Foundation, Feerrott the Dream, Grounds.

Reward: Lucky Charm (CHA buff)

Time for a Change

Starts with Kilna Odenburgh in the Plane of Knowledge, near the Bazaar; requires you to have completed All You Need Is Luck to open the chest. Run around and kill in Dragonscale Hills. Reward is Doomsday Beetle (housing item).

Frostfell 2012

Braxi Roundup (50+)

Starts with Santug Claugg’s Helper by the main bank in the Plane of Knowledge. The zone is level based, from Natimbi (level 50), Barren Coast, Oceangreen Village, Loping Plains, Brell’s Rest, Feerrott the Dream, Sarith, Beasts’ Domain. You need to gather various items (purchased and created by players) and do some fighting. You can shroud down for this.

Rewards: a choice of Snowstorm weapon ornaments.

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