Plane of Knowledge Quests

The Plane of Knowledge has had some new quests added with the launch of Free To Play.

Secalna Galnor - near CR stone and loyalty vendor. 15 quests:

Each involves finding and hailing an NPC in PoK; often Secalna herself, or NPCs near her. Use ctrl-f to Find, and sort the find window by name (second column). Rewards include: “Using the Marketplace” Complimentary Bottle of Adventure; “The Bazaar: Tricks of the Trade” a Trader’s Satchel (heavy!) and a Sturdy Traveller’s Pack (10 giant slots, 50% weight reduction, weight 2.2 - put the Trader’s Satchel into this one for the time being).

“Guilds & The Guild Lobby” leads to “Exploring the Guild Hall”, and joins you to a guild - eg “Novices of Trakanon”, which rewards you with an augment “A Glowing Emerald”. Then “Housing” rewards you with a “Behroe Style Stone Hut, Stucco interior” (housing item).

If you complete all of these quests, you complete the achievement “Tutorials - Out of Gloomingdeep”.

PoK also has some older quests…

See Vivian the True if you are low level (below 10) for some small experience, or Castlen Drewe, Barrenzin or V’Lynn Renloe. These NPCs give some quests from 10 to 20; rewards are Luclin era armor and weapons. Many characters are unable to obtain these quests.

One interesting quest is the Fisherman’s Companion, from Ramos Jirwan at the fishing pool in the west. This gives you a clickie Fisherman’s Companion to summon +skill fishing rods, which summon beer. You just need to catch fish in three different Planes of Power zones, then prepare them to extract bones (trivial 182 fishing).

Sunrise Hills

Not the Plane of Knowledge, but close enough. There are several quests here with various rewards. One of the most appealing for low level characters is a quest, Courier of Favor, for a 20 slot bag, Featherweight Satchel of the Courier. You must first complete two other quests, Postmaster’s Challenge, which unlocks several other quests in the zone, and The Nonad Brothers. This involves completing all of the old world bard “Going Postal” quests. These start with Postmaster Sric Songfairer, Pagus Nonad, Lysric Loresinger - all in Sunrise Hills.

This may actually be the rare example of a modern quest that can only be completed by “good” faction characters without the traditional ton of faction work.

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