Stone Hive

The quest givers are all, apart from Warwing, in the Blightfire Moors fens, NW of the entrance to Stone Hive. You should already have “Bixie Evolution”, from a Honey-Covered Journal that drops in both Blightfire and Stone Hive. If not, collect pages for Bixie Evolution, and kill bixies until it drops, then open the journal. Three of the pages drop only in Blightfire, the rest only in Stone Hive. Unfortunately, you can’t read the book or its pages!

Scout Vreshar’s quests are a series, but the others can all be collected at the same time.

It makes the most sense to first do the hedge in the NE corner (outside plants, bixes and pick up the baneleaf), then work through Vreshnar, leaving Warwing until everything else is completed. Kill more if extra drops or nameds are still required. The outside mobs mostly aren’t aggro, but the inside mobs are.

Collect the baneleaf from the hedge maze for Librarian Hemfar; it’s at the back, in a red flower.

Botanist Brezuu has three quests, each collect quests that can all be run at the same time in the hedge. Petals, seeds and sap; all drop from mobs levels 30-37. These should all drop in the garden, from both plants and bixies. This set is easy to complete, and gives a pair of earrings for the achievement.

Warwing is south of the hive, hiding in a niche in the southern zone wall before you come to the lake (the /loc given on Allakhazam is wrong, but he should be on the map). His task has a timer (8 hours to complete). If you think you are high enough level to complete everything, pick it up before you enter the hive, just to save time if you find Neezzee; if not, you can always get the task again. Otherwise, leave it until last.

Avellone has three quests; two can be completed easily on the ground floor, but the third is slightly higher level and involves the upper floors. While killing on the ground floor, go for the Bixie Prankster (0, 93, -51), level 37; down a level from the entrance. Three pranksters spawn and two will aggro; the third is across the room. Kill these, then you will need to kill the Bixie Prankster. On the ground floor mobs are 36-40, kill them for unrefined honeycomb, and to collect and remaining pages and drops of wings and antennae for Cook Idriak.

Scout Vreshnar: first find Scout Neauza (-190, -80, +40, ground floor). From the hive entrance, turn right (north), first left, right, then the first cell on the right; again, he should be on the map. There are two aggro mobs in his room. Next you have to kill a bixie enthraller (34-36) for a salve, who should be on the central staircase near Neauza. Now you have to return to Vreshnar, and should have hand-ins for Avellone and Idriak.

Cook Idriak want you to gather drops from 30-42 mobs: three types of jumjum, heads, wings and antennae. You can get most of the jumjum while in the hedge, wings and antennae and any remaining jumjum on the ground floor. Heads drop from red coloured bixies on the upper two floors. This complete’s “Cooking With Honey”, reward two Ornate rings.

This leaves you with the Vreshnar series to continue, which takes place on the upper two floors. There is an elevator platform to take you frokm the ground floor up (and another one that you will soon find to take you from the middle floor to the top floor). To find the elevator: in the hive, go up the stairs, then left into the outer corridor, and follow it around clockwise to the elevator; it works by clicking the control on the left. Alchemist Krizzia is right there.

Kill Alchemist Krizzia, 38 (+160, -35, +265), in the botanical research area on the middle floor (190, -30, +265), then gather ground spawns: a potion bottle due south on a table on the right wall (-130, -55, +265); and a spell book (+95, +75, +290) - go up the ramp by Krizzia, then follow the path around to a room with bookcases; the book is on a table in that room. Krizzia should drop the note, but if she doesn’t, it can drop at random from other alchemist mobs. Now you need to return to hand-in once more.

The next quest for Vreshnar is to kill Juzzulli; she is level 37, at /loc (+85, +75, +290), which is right next to where you found the spell book. She spawns when you enter the area. It’s a good idea to clear the adjacent rooms first. That should finish “Welcome to Stone Hive”, which rewards an Ornate bracer.

Avellone #3 is to kill Slavemistress Hizja, a level 42 (go up the centre stairs, through the (only) west door, head north, then up the elevator, which is where Krizzia is; the slave hold is to the west, just follow the room around anti-clockwise to reach it). Level 44, 1 day 18 hours played (oops, I think I left it on overnight!). Completing Avellone’s quests plus Bixie Evolution gives you an Ornate gloves.

Warwing’s quest involves higher level mobs (45) with many possible adds. You may want to leave it to later, and possibly leave the last part until much later.

Warwing’s quests (-520, -265) are also a series. Neezzee (-151, -16, 408), for the first, is level 45; she is on the top floor, with several higher level mobs around her. Take the elevator next to the bookcase room up from Krizzia. #2 is a ground spawn (182, -12, 410). #3 is a kill/drops quest, mobs level 36-42. #4 is the big raid - level 51 with adds (+71, -131, +413).


To add to the couple of drops with clickie effects from Blightfire, you are given “Honeycomb Blaster” from the “Jumjum Research” quest from Cook Idriak. This casts a bixie only snare.

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