What are /claim rewards?

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You can access the claim window from the EQ button, or by typing "/claim". Most items can only be claimed once per account, unless marked otherwise. These come from expansion pre-orders mostly, but also from various other special events. As direct download purchases were bundled with previous expansions, the claim items from older expansions were added; so purchase of the current expansion will include all claim items from earlier expansions (some claims aren't specifically associated with an expansion, so can't be obtained in this way).

Cake of Celebration

(2009 Anniversary gift)
One charge of Start the Party, which summons a stack of Slice of Cake of Celebration (stat food with hp/mana).

Familiar of the Emerald Jungle

(Living Legacy reward, 2008)
Summons an emerald sokokar that increases you hp/mana by 350.

Qeynos Shield of Foundation

(Seeds of Destruction)
No stats shield with a faction modifier; raises faction with Cirtan, Bayle's Herald, in Oceangreen Hills.

Gift of Legacies Lost

(one per character, Living Legacy 2008)
Summons a Satchel of Legacies Lost (7 slot, no WR) holding 3 Defiant armor, 1 Defiant weapon, 10 Potion of Speed, 10 Potion of Adventure (experience potions), and Book of Knowledge, a 5 charge clicky with Knowledge Gate. The Defiant items are all level appropriate; a level 65 will receive Elaborate Defiant, which has required level 59 and recommended level 70 (and a level 64 will receive the next rank down, Intricate Defiant).

Satchel of Abu-Kar

(Lost Dungeons of Norrath)
8 slot, 25% weight reduction bag. There is a simple quest to upgrade it to Reinforced Satchel of Abu-Kar (10 slots, 50% WR). Find Kizpi Taelw in Everfrost Peaks for the quest.

Taelosian Morphemic Staff

(Gates of Destruction)
Faction modifier item for Nihil and Yunjo Slave Resistance.

Scouting Shield of the Da Bashers

(2004 PC Gamer magazine)
Low level shield with a faction modifier for Da Bashers (troll warriors guild).

Frozen Crystal Shard

(Omens of War)
Either a Frozen Crystal Shard or a Burning Crystal Shard (one only, you chose). Bertrand Bibblesworth in Plane of Knowledge will exchange them. Effect is an aura, no stats.

Daruval Crystal

(Dragons of Norrath)
Give to Mirao Frostpouch in Plane of Knowledge, in a building near the soulbinder. He returns 10 Elixir of Refreshment and 10 Elixir of Replenishment (instant clicky restore mana and endurance/health, respectively). He will exchange one for the other.

Runed Gargoyle Tooth

(Depths of Darkhollow)
Hand to Kalon Corsan, a gargoyle on the evil side of Plane of Knowledge. He enables the Runed Gargoyle spirit shroud (berserker).

Collapsable Roboboar

(The Serpent's Spine?)
Summon a (slowest speed) roboboar mount. Can be upgraded by combining with another item to make a faster roboboar; some tinkering required. Two of the upgrades can be bought from the tinkering merchant in Crescent Reach; the fastest comes from TSS raids.

Ornate Barding

(Prophecy of Ro)
Summons a horse mount; can be combined with other (horse) mounts, adds a bridle visual to horses. See the Stable Wards in the Bazaar for upgrade information.

Sceptre of Draconic Calling

(The Serpent's Spine)
Portal of Crescent Reach; 1 hour 12 minute recast.

Stones of Fortune

(Las Vegas Fan Faire, 2008)
A pair of dice with random effects.

Aviak Spirit Totem

(The Buried Sea)
Faction modifier for the Blacksail Smugglers, the spell vendor for rank 1 spells and for Bone Joint Compound, required to make the Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand augment.

Gnomish Steamfists

(Secrets of Faydwer)
Short term run speed boost.

Bounty of Faydwer

A 2 slot container, with a Legends of Norrath booster pack plus a Nimbus of the Storm Lord (a pretty aura with no effects).

Mottled Worg Bridle

(Secrets of Faydwer)
Summons a worg mount; speed is the same as a slow horse (ie, slower than run speed with AAs). Best used for seated meditation/aggro benefits. Can be upgraded via the Worgmaster in the Bazaar by combining with a horse bridle.

Familiar of the Hooded Scrykin

(Seeds of Destruction)
A familiar that gives a 5% chance to reflect detrimental spells.

Mark of Brell

Port to Brell's Rest in Underfoot.

Mechamatic Blueprint

(one per character; 2010 Anniversary)
Click, then see Hadya Ware in Plane of Knowledge, who will hire you a clockwork mercenary.

House of Thule

House of Thule claims.

Veil of Alaris

  • Desert Kangon Saddle
  • Traveler’s Rucksack
  • Painting: Veil of Alaris

Pre-orders also got:

  • Resplendent Sword Ornamentation
  • Painting: Original EverQuest Box Art

Veil of Alaris Collector's Edition

The above plus:

  • Journeyman’s Pocketed Rucksack
  • Forest Kangon Saddle
  • Swinetor Contract
  • Concept Art Painting #1
  • Concept Art Painting #2
  • Sentry Stone Replica

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  1. Slipshadow says:

    You must have SOD for the MECHAMATIC BLUEPRINT to work

  2. Ayesa says:

    I thought it was weird that they takled nothing of content. Is this Velious part 2? What zones will we see? Sure, there is a new class and some new features, but what about new places to visit? This is quite strange for SOE. It is also suspicious that the new expansion will be coming out this year, which makes two in one year, after taking 13+ months to make the previous one.As for Planetside, I found it to be a little underwhelming. Smed built up the hype around this great new engine, showed a beautiful picture from EQ Next using it, then showed Planetside using the engine while looking like anything other FPS on the market. I also thought it was odd that they kept referencing other games by other publishers when describing it; Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Eve Online were mentioned. The logo also reminded me of Mass Effect quite a bit, especially on the guy’s shirt (the 2 looked similar to N7).I’m very confused about EQ Next. It looks great in some screenshots and the concept art is interesting, but it is using the same engine as Planetside. I think they made a mistake to even acknowledge it last year, which made this year’s keynote a little disappointing. I also thought the presentation of the event was kind of rushed and did not flow very well. Smed was just using a PowerPoint and was having trouble using it properly (slides moving ahead before he was ready). The presentation about the authenticators was very confusing and I seriously had no idea what he was talking about until reading your post which mentioned it. It was painful to sit through the dwarf (cosplay) lady’s talk. Overall, I kind of regret even sitting through the whole thing.

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