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WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Human, Elwynn Forest


Immediately in front of you when you start is Deputy Willem – A Threat Within, who sends you inside the Abbey to Marshall McBride – Kobold Camp Cleanup. Collect these two quests, then go back outside the Abbey to the West side, Eagan Peltskinner – Wolves Across the Border. Go north of the abbey to complete these two; there’s a kobold camp north of the Abbey, and wolves around the area.

Return to collect, then Marshall McBride – Investigate Echo Ridge; he should also have the level 2 class quest. Back north to complete; Echo Ridge is marked as a cave on the map, north and slightly west of the kobold camp. For investigate, you only need to go just inside the mine; don’t bother to go any further in, as there is still one more quest for the mine. Marshall McBride – Skirmish at Echo Ridge. The Echo Ridge mobs are non-aggro, and there is a treasure chest in the deepest room. Complete and return. Then back to Deputy Willem – Brotherhood of Thieves. Head east to the vineyards. The Defias are aggro, and wander around in interesting patterns; you can single pull them if you are careful and watch the pattern.

Back and: Deputy Willem – Bounty on Garrick Padfoot; then Milly’s Harvest; these are all in the vineyard area. Garrick is a level 5, but will always come with one add, usually a level 4. Milly sends you to Brother Neale; the bell tower stair is to the left of the warrior/paladin trainers room. Then back, to Marshall McBride, who sends you to Goldshire. Also visit Falkharn Isenstrider on the way out.


Inn is on the left. In the square is Marshall Dughan – The Fargodeep Mine (to the south). Remy – Gold Dust Exchange, William Pestle – Kobold Candles. The mine is due south of town.

First head to Stonefield Farm to the west of the mine. “Aunty” Bernice Stonefield – The Lost Necklace. Then to Maclure Vineyards, east of the mine. Billy – Pie for Billy (kill boars). The quest with Gerard Tiller, standing next to Billy, isn’t worth doing. Maybell Maclure – Young Lovers. The back past Stonefield Farm to Tommy Joe, who is on the east bank of the stream, just north of the lake to the west. Concentrate on the running around part, but kill a kobold or two every time you pass the mine; the exploration quest can be completed by going about one room deep into the mine. You should easily be level 6 in 2 hours played.

Ma Stonefield – Princess Must Die (collect the quest, but leave it to later), requires level 6. Billy – Goldtooth. The mine really wants you to be level 8 to solo it. Finish off the gold dust and candle quests if you haven’t already.

William Pestle – Collecting Kelp. Lake east of town. Maybell – The Escape (pre-req is Collecting Kelp). Level 8 and 3 hours played. Time for Goldtooth if you haven’t killed him already; level 8. Taskmaster Nurg is at the other end of the mine, and is level 10.

Marshall Dughan – The Jasperlode Mine. Due north of the Tower of Azora; kobolds at the entrance are level 6/7; beasts outside, and bandits nearby, are higher. Go to the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch, far east of Maclure, and SE of the Tower of Azora, for Princess, if you can get a group for her. Princess has two guards who will aggro when you attack her, level 7 and she is level 9.

Eastvale Logging Camp

First, get Remy – A Fishy Peril; Marshall Dughan – Further Concerns. Head now to Eastvale Logging Camp, further east. Before the bridge, Guard Thomas – Further Concerns; Find the Lost Guards. The first is on the west bank of river close to Stonecairn Lake, and the next is close to the northernmost hut away from the shore in the first murloc camp on the east side of the lake. Guard Thomas – Bounty on Murlocs; Protect the Frontier. Supervisor Raelen – A Bundle of Trouble. Sara Timberlain – Red Linen Goods. Defias camps all over, including south at Jarod’s Landing, east of the Maclure Vineyards. The Defias are mostly 8-10, bears 7/8, prowlers 9-10. A rare drop from the bandits is a “Westfall Deed”, which begins a delivery quest to Westfall – Furlbrow’s Deed. For the murlocs, the lakeside villages can be a little risky; the camp at the southern end of the river is mostly single pullable, and along the bank to the west, south of the pumpkin patch, there are several murlocs very well spaced out.

I had a problem here with the murloc camps – I couldn’t get to the guard corpse, as it was both late at night (poor visibility), and I was the only person around. Normally you rely on other players to be fighting in an area so that you can sneak it, but it wasn’t happening for me. Murlocs are 9-10, bears that will add if you aren’t careful are 8-9, possibly some 10s.

Return to Goldshire, then back to Eastvale Logging Camp.

Stormwind City

By now you should be level 10, and ready for your next class quest, which is probably with a trainer in Stormwind; although some classes (paladin) won’t get their until level 12. The general pattern is for your local trainer(s) to send you to Stormwind to meet with a trainer there to get the real quest. William Pestle – Shipment to Stormwind; deliver candles to Morgan Pestle. Smith Argus has a quest from level 9 (I think) to delivery to Stormwind. Renato Gallina – Wine Shop Advert (he stands outside Pestle’s Apothecary). There’s another delivery quest here, too; between two shops in the Trade Quarter, starting with one on the Canals to the NW. Train, tradeskills – ask guards for directions.

Westbrook Garrison

Close to Westfall border. Deputy Rainer – Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty. Wanted poster – Wanted: Hogger. The gnolls are south of the road, level 9-10. Hogger himself is a level 11 elite, and spawns at the centre camp rarely; return back to Marshall Dughan in Goldshire. This section is pretty much even in level and difficulty with the section in Eastvale Logging Camp; the difference is that this is closer to Stormwind, and you will want a group to handle Hogger.

You should be level 12, or very close to it, by this point. Try to stay in Elwynn Forest so that it is easier to return to your trainer in Goldshire for your class quest, if you get the quest at 12.

The Collector; this comes from The Gold Pickup Schedule, which can drop from any gnoll. Go to Marshall Dughan, then Brackwell Pumpkin Patch for Morgan the Collector (in the south building). Morgan has two named friends, level 8 and 9, and one outside guard that is likely to add. Morgan himself is 10.

Typically I will skip Princess, Hogger and the Collector, unless groups are easy to come by.

Next area is Westfall. You should have a quest from the Westbrook Garrison to report to Sentinel Hill, and possibly still have Furlbrow’s Deed, which is handed in to one of the first people you meet in Westfall. You can do that, or do the first couple of quests on your way; remember to check in with the gryphon master for the flight paths.


Cookery, First Aid: in Goldshire, in the inn.
Fishing: at the jetty on the lake east of Goldshire (Crystal Lake).
Herbalism, Alchemy: building in hills north of road to Stormwind.
Enchanting: Northshire, and Tower of Azora.
Tailoring: Eastvale Logging Camp.
Skinning, Leatherwork: in building by lake north east of Goldshire.
Mining, Blacksmithing: west of the inn, Goldshire.
Engineering: none

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WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Orc/Troll, Durotar

The Valley of Trials

You start in front of: Kaltunk – Your Place in the World. Go to see Gornek in the Den, to the west.

Gornak – Cutting Teeth. Back out and a little north from where you started, kill boars, then return to Gornak, who will give you your first class quest (Glyphic Tablet).

Gornak – Sting of the Scorpid and Galgar – Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise. Pick cactus apples to and from the scorpids. The scorpids are further north and also west from the boars; if you go too far north, you’ll run into the aggressive vile familiars, which are needed later.

In the middle of the scorpids, to the west, you’ll find: Hana’zua – Sarkoth. Sarkoth is directly south of him, up a narrow path; he is level 4 and aggressive. He then sends you back to the Den to see Gornek.

Zureetha Fargaze – Vile Familiars. Foreman Thazz’ril – Lazy Peons. Just find the peons as you go to the cave in the NE for Vile Familiars, which are level 3 and 4.

Back to Thrazz’ril and you’ll be given: Foreman Thazz’ril – Thazz’ril’s Pick. Zureetha Fargaze – Burning Blade Medallion. In the cave, the medallion drops from Yarog Baneshadow (level 5), on a platform reached through the right hand passage. The pick is reached through the middle passage.

Zureetha Fargaze – Report to Sen’jin Village. Leave the Den on the road, and meet: Ukor – A Peon’s Burden; he’s there to make sure you don’t miss the turning to Sen’jin, which is a very faint trail, but also to send you to Razor Hill; go north. Report to the innkeeper in Razor Hill. While you are there, pick up: Torka – Break a Few Eggs, and possibly Furl Scornbrow – Carry Your Weight, if you need a bag; this quest is described in detail below. Then head straight back to where you met Ukor, and take the side track to Sen’jin. Turn ins got me to level 6, 1 hour 40 minutes.

Sen’jin Village

Master Vornal – A Solvent Spirit. Head SE to beach; far south end of the beach is the fishing trainer; you can buy a pole somewhere in the village. The crawlers are 5 and 6, the makrua 6 and 7; the best way to find the makrua is to swim just offshore; the crawlers often come up on the beach. Back to turn in.

Master Gadrin – Mishina’s Skull (on Echo Isles); Zalazane; Report to Orgnil. Vel’rin Fang – Practical Prey. Swim out to Echo Isles; to the second biggest island, which is the most northern one. Taillashers are 6-8, tigers 7 and 8, with a very long aggro range. The eggs are blue eggs at the base of trees; most taillashers are guarding egg spots, although there may or may not be eggs there when you visit.

Move to big island. Mishina’s Skull is in a circle of stones/skulls, in the SE corner of the island, outside the troll camp. The skull is on top of a separate small hill at the SE edge of the camp; it is possible to kill one troll and sneak up there. Avoid Zalazane (level 10), as well as level 8-9 trolls; if you get aggro, just swim out to sea and you won’t be followed far. Back to Sen’jin and Razor Hill for turn ins.

Lar Prowltusk – Kolkar Aggresssion. To Kolkar Crag, west of the village, there are three tents/huts, and one set of plans per hut. The first tent is on the left. Right click plans on floor, which look like a scroll of paper, and can be hard to see. The next hut is further in on the right; and the last hut is all the way at the back (west); each hut has one of the plans you need. The kolkar are all quite easily single pulled. Back to Sen’jin. Level 8, 3 hours 30 minutes.

You’ll be coming back later for Zalazane, so it’s time to move on to Razor Hill; back to where you met Ukor and north; or just use your hearthstone.

Razor Hill

Don’t miss out on: Furl Scornbrow – Carry Your Weight. He’s in the Razor Hill watchtower, which is to the NW of Razor Hill. 8 canvas scraps, reward is a 4 slot bag. The scraps drop from Kolkar and Kul Tiras sailors/marines.

Gar’Thok – Vanquish the Betrayers. Head SE towards Tiragarde Keep. Lieutenant Benedict is inside the keep, at the top. The stairs going up split at one point: Benedict is at the head of one path, in a room with several guards, and the box for another quest is at the top of the other, which requires the key from Benedict to open (Admiral Proudmoore’s Orders). The marines and sailors are 5-7; Benedict is 8, and a level 9 elite (Watch Commander ??) also spawns in the tower; he can be in Benedict’s room. If he is up, come back later or with a group.

Back to Gar’Thok – From the Wreckage. For the tools, just head east from Razor Hill, and swim down there; no need to go any further south. You may have to fight level 7 makruas, but this should be possible to avoid.


Then head to Orgrimmar, for The Admiral’s Orders (remember the chest?), which is north from Razor Hill. Before you get there, Rezlak – Winds in the Desert. Razorwind Canyon is to the east, opposite the broken down wagons, and the harpies are 7-8.

Take the first right to Valley of Wisdom, and follow it all the way to Thrall’s Fortress and Nazgrel. Collect: Thrall – Hidden Enemies, while you are there. You can also go down to the Cleft of Shadow, and in the tent east of the entrance: Neeru Fireblade – Slaying the Beast (elite, higher level, save for later?).

On the way out, turn west and look for: Rhinag – Need for a Cure. Rhinag is to the south of a rock outcropping directly south of the oasis next to Rocktusk Farm, west of the gates of Orgrimmar. It is a timed quest with a 45 minute timer, and you need to run to Orgrimmar, the Cleft of Shadow for Kor’ghan in the SE corner shop, and then back out to the farm to hunt venomtail poison sacs, then back to the Cleft, and finally back to Rhinag again. This took me 20 minutes at level 10. Don’t die, and avoid the raptors. The sacs drop on most, but not all kills, and the scorpids are levels 9 and 10. General mobs in the area range 8-11.

After here, go to the Razormane Grounds for Encroachment (west of Razor Hill); level 6-10; some types are north of the road, others south, you will need to kill on both sides.

Now head to Razorwind Canyon, take the west side of the north-south ravine this time for: Rezlak – Securing the Lines; which involves killing through the cave (Drygulch Ravine) past the harpies to the south in Razorwind Canyon. These harpies are 9-11. Back to Rezlak, then to Razor Hill.

Time to do your level 10 class quest, if you haven’t already.

SW of Orgrimmar and/or NW of Razor Hill (closer to Razor Hill than to Orgrimmar), Misha Tor’kren – Lost but not Forgotten. Probably the easiest way to reach her is to head west through Razorwind Canyon, or NW from the Razor Hill watch tower. Go west then follow along the river. It drops randomly from crocolisks, level 9-11. Watch out in the river for the ripples they make, and the way your cursor changes when you mouse over them. Back to Misha.

At this point, I recommend leaving Durotar for the time being, and heading to the Crossroads in the Barrens. There are still a couple of quests close to your level that can be done in Durotar, but the mob level, density and number of minions make them significantly harder than they would seem at first sight.

The Barrens

Takrin Pathseeker – Conscript of the Horde; report to Kargal Battlescar at Far Watch Post just across the river in the Barrens, along the west road. Continue in the Barrens.

Remaining in Durotar

Next is Skull Rock, which is in the NE corner of Durotar, east of the entrance to Orgrimmar. Then to Margoz – Skull Rock, who is SE of Orgrimmar; Margoz is some way south of the entrance to Skull Rock. Gazz’uk at back of dungeon. Random drop quest: Eye of Burning Shadow – Burning Shadows. Back to Margoz, then to Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar, at the bottom of the Cleft of Shadow. Next quest.

Then to Thunder Ridge for Dark Storms. Fizzle is level 12, with an imp minion; there are several 9-11 friends of his close by, at least two of which will have voidwalkers. Getting past the lizards (9-11) isn’t too hard; although you could drop down from the SE corner of Thunder Ridge directly into their camp. I’d leave this to at least 12.


Cookery: Orgrimmar, the Drag, upper level
First Aid: Razor Hill
Fishing: near Sen’jin Village, to the south
Herbalism, Alchemy: Sen’jin Village
Enchanting: Orgrimmar, the Drag
Tailoring: Orgrimmar, the Drag
Skinning, Leatherwork: Orgrimmar, the Drag
Blacksmithing, Mining: Razor Hill, Orgrimmar, Valley of Honor
Engineering: Orgrimmar, Valley of Honor

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WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Dwarf/Gnome, Dun Morogh


The only quest available at the starting area initially is Sten Stoutarm – Dwarven Outfitters. Complete that by killing wolves to the immediate south. Return, and pick up the first class quest; this is usually a scroll or similar, sending you to your trainer once you are level 2. Also collect Balir Frosthammer – A New Threat, and head inside to your trainer (inside means up the hill to the NW). Then it’s back outside to the same general area to kill Troggs.

Next run inside and pick up: Felix Whindlebolt – A Refugee’s Quandary (box in snow south of Anvilmar). You probably need to be level 3 to collect this. Back outside, pick up Sten Stoutarm – Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery. That results in Talin Keeneye – The Boar Hunter, Grelin Whitebeard – The Troll Cave, then Grelin Whitebeard – The Stolen Journal. Way down by Grelin is Nori Pridedrift – Scalding Mornbrew Delivery. This is a timed delivery, and you should complete it, take the opportunity to sell, and accept the return quest; all before tacking the trolls. Go inside the cave to kill Grik’nir the Cold (level 5); you can reach him by taking the left fork all the way in, he is in the large area at the back of the cave. The three items for Felix are outside the troll cave directly south of Anvilmar, and in the two camps west of there; you can start with the west camp and work your way back to the cave – the west camp is almost due west from Grelin. Only the trolls are aggressive, so this should be easy enough before the cave; all the trolls are levels 3 and 4, apart from the named in the cave. The highest level of the trolls are in the cave, and in thee easternmost camp, all the rest are level 3. You end up with Grelin Whitebeard – Senir’s Observations, saved for later.

Back to Anvilmar for Felix, then take the east road to Coldridge Pass, with a final mail delivery, then pick up: Hands Springsprocket – Supplies to Tannock. Troggs in the tunnel are few, and are level 3-4. You should be level 5 or possibly 6 by this point.


Check in at the inn. Ragnar Thunderbrew – Beer Basted Boar Ribs. Tharek Blackstone – Tools for Steelgrill. Head NE to Steelgrill’s Depot and collect Pilot Bellowfiz – Stocking Jetstream; kill boars and bears until you have completed the stocking; the rest for the ribs you can get later if necessary. Remember not to sell the boar ribs or meat; although they are quest items, they are also vendor buyable. It’s best to roam up and down the road rather than stick to just the Steelgrill area.

Collect Pilot Bellowfiz – Evershine. Pilot Stonegear – The Grizzled Den, Loslor Rudge – Ammo for Rumbleshot (requires level 6 to collect), in the Grizzled Den area. Outside wendigos are 5-6, inside they are 5-7. Rudge is with the mortar team you passed on the way from Anvilmar. Complete these stages, then return, sell and train. Now head to Brewnall Village. Ideally you will be level 6 or 7; it doesn’t really matter, as the first few quests can be completed just by running back and forth between Brewnall and Kharanos.

Brewnall Village

West of Iceflow Lake. You can reach there by taking the road south, then heading west to reach the road to Brewnall Village, or by going straight west from the north end of Kharanos (watch out for multiple wolves if you do). Rejold Barleybrew – A Favor for Evershine. Marleth Barleybrew – Bitter Rivals. You can deliver the ammo to Hegnar Rumbleshot on the way, if you go by road, he’s with the mortar team. Beasts in this area are levels 7 and 8; boars, leopards and bears can all be found in the valley southwest of Brenall, south of Frostmane Hold. The fishing trainer is in the middle of Iceflow Lake, due east of the jetty, and the fish here rarely fail to bite, it seems.

Come back to Kharanos (you have to go back and forth a couple of times to complete the quests). Train/sell.

Now go into the wendigo cave at Grizzled Den if you need more experience, it is a good source of leather/cloth and metal; mobs are 5-7. West, then north of the Grizzled Den are two more caves. The middle of the three wendigo caves has just Old Icebeard (elite, level 11). To reach the westernmost of the three caves, you can only approach from the SE/E, meaning right in front of the middle den, by climbing over the ridge; this cave only has Tundra MacGrann – Stolen Stash. Go back down and either kill Old Icebeard, in which case you’ll want to wait for later, or watch his pathing to open the chest (McGrann’s Meat Locker); he wanders out of the cave for about 20-30 seconds every 5-10 minutes. Anyone can do this safely, not just a rogue, although the last time I tried it (with a gnome warlock, level 7), he did aggro on me and run back. Old Icebeard doesn’t seem to drop much if you do choose to kill him. You want to get to at least level 9 before starting on the next set of quests – this may mean that you will have to grind for 2 levels, or the quests will be tougher than is ideal.

While in Kharanos at some point, pick up: Senir Whitebeard – Frostmane Hold. From the gnomes in the building off the road in north Kharanos – Operation Recombobulation (this was bugged and the gnomes didn’t offer the quest at least one time when I tried to do it). If you can pick these up earlier, do so; but they won’t be available until you are at a certain level, and as you will be running back and forth a lot, it doesn’t really matter when you collect them.

Back to Brewnall, and keep going west. Gnomeregan is NW from Brewnall, and the leper gnomes seem to be 8-10. South of Gnomeregan and SW of Brewnall, the cave on the west wall is Frostmane Hold. You will also want Rejold Barleybrew – The Perfect Stout. Shimmerweed is both a drop from the trolls, more in the camps possibly, and ground spawn in the camps. It will be found in Shimmer Ridge, which runs from east of the lake eastwards to just before the road to Ironforge. You need to climb up to reach the troll camps; there are two paths up; one east of Icewell Lake, the other NE. The northern troll camp is best suited for a group; the camp on the southern ridge has outlying trolls that can be killed as singles, and often baskets of shimmerweed are close by their feet, openable without aggroing the central camp.

For Frostmane Hold, the outside trolls are 7-9, the inside ones 8-10; headhunters for the quest spawn outside, but more inside; headhunters are also uncommon on Shimmer Ridge. Remember that the quest includes an exploration task, which, unlike most similar quests, requires you to get quite deep into the cave, at least to somewhere in the lower level. Taking the left fork close to the entrance may get this completed the fastest, after you drop down off the ledge and start to move deeper in. You can also do this at a lower level by carefully dying at the right spot, and choosing to revive deeper in, and hoping to survive long enough to get the quest flag.

Make sure that you collect Rejold Barleybrew – Shimmer Stout. Save this one until you are ready to leave for Loch Modan.

You should be level 10 by now; time to get your class quest (for most classes). You can combine this with a quest into Ironforge, as most class quests will send you there. See below.


Now back to Kharanos, and you should be given: Senir Whitebeard – the Reports; deliver in the High Seat, which is SW of the Great Forge. The road to Ironforge from Kharanos is north, then turn east past the bridge.

Time now to investigate the eastern half of Dun Morogh. Take the east road past Steelgrill’s Depot once you leave Ironforge. North of the quarry, up the path behind the front house, is Rudra Amberstill – Protecting The Herd. Vagash (level 11 elite) is north of the ranch, reached from a path off the main road west of the ranch. If you don’t have a group save it for a while. The child running around at high speed followed by a rabbit is a vendor; he sells pet rabbits for 18 silver (most pets cost 50 silver).

South and west of the ranch is Gol’Bolar Quarry. Senator Mehr Stonehallow – The Public Servant and Foreman Stonebrow – Those Blasted Troggs! this area is good for mining/herbalism/cloth drops. Troggs in the open are 8-9; ambushers to the east of the quarry 9-10, and inside the cave is 8-10. The bonesnappers are mostly inside the cave; you may find one or two just outside the entrance.

You’ll notice that the level of mobs for the Brewnall Village and Gol’Bolar Quarry quests are all basically the same, a couple of levels higher than the Grizzled Den set, which should be done first. There is really nothing to choose between these later quests, except to reduce overall travel time when you need to go to Ironforge, and then to Loch Modan.

There’s nothing else to do in Dun Morogh now, so you might as well finish up: run to the far north east exit to Loch Modan, and at the North Gate Outpost find Pilot Hammerfoot – The Lost Pilot. Go up the road north a little ways, to where a small branch goes west. Follow that to the end, where a small smudge in the snow is the lost pilot. In sight, a little further west and slightly south, is Mangeclaw (level 11). Go back to the South Gate Outpost to meet Mountaineer Barleybrew for the delivery quest (from the Shimmer Stout quest); he will give you Stout to Kadrell, who can be found in Thelsamar, the next inn and gryphon stop.

Next is Loch Modan.


Cookery, First Aid: in Kharanos, in the inn (Brewery), and Gol’Bolar Quarry.
Fishing: in the middle of Iceflow Lake.
Herbalism: Ironforge, SW of Great Forge.
Alchemy: Ironforge, Tinkertown.
Tailoring: Ironforge, NW of Great Forge.
Skinning: Ironforge, NW of Great Forge.
Leatherwork: Ironforge, NW of Great Forge.
Mining: Bol’Gor Quarry, and Steelgrill’s Depot. Also Ironforge, N of Great Forge.
Blacksmithing: Ironforge, middle of Great Forge. Also west side of Kharanos.
Engineering: Steelgrill’s Depot and Ironforge, Tinkertown.
Enchanting: Ironforge, east of the Great Forge.

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Desolace (Alliance)

Start with Roetten Stonehammer – Reclaimer’s Business in Desolace, in Ironforge, and buy an advanced target dummy in the Auction House. If you visit Stormwind, you should be able to pick up Brother Crowley – Brother Anton, but this may be level restricted. Entry to Desolace for the first time is via Stonetalon Mountains and the Charred Vale. The flight path and inn are in Nijel’s Point. The path up to Nijel’s point is a little east of Nijel’s Point itself.

There is also a decent guide on Allakhazam.

There is a 40 elite giant that wanders all over the map, and a 62 elite horde hunter that patrols the roads. Watch out for them, although the horde guy is non-aggro. You can start the lower level quests around level 30-32; there may be a gap before you can take the next set of quests, around level 36-38.

Nijel’s Point

Pick up: Corporal Melkins – Centaur Bounty, Vahlarriel Demonslayer – Vahlarriel’s Search, Kreldig Ungor – Reagents for Reclaimers Inc, and Kreldig Ungor – The Karnitol Shipwreck.

If you head east from Nijel’s Point, you come to Sargeron, where you will find the satyrs for Kreldig. Finish those, then go back to him for the next quest. Then go WSW to find a ruined caravan, which is some way due north of Thunder Axe Stronghold. At this point you have a choice. If you are lower level, go south of Sargeron to find the Kolkar centaurs. These are lower level (30-33, a few 34) than the Gelkis or Magram further to the south. On the way kill scorpids (30-31) for Kreldig. If you are a little higher level, you may want to wait to kill centaurs as part of the reputation quests.

If at any point you see a Dying Kodo followed by a train of three Aged Kodos, you can complete Kreldig’s second quest; if you don’t see them, don’t worry, as you will find more soon.

Find your way to the north end of the coastline, called Ethel Rethor, and find Azore Aldamort – Sceptre of Light. He is just north of the big tower. Directly west of the tower is a book (Rackmore’s Log) on a crate, which will give you: Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!. The chest for the first stage of Karnitol is right here.

Thunder Axe Stronghold

Now back to Thunder Axe Stronghold. You will find a flayed demon skin many times, but ignore it – it is for a Horde quest. Go in the main gates in the stockade, and clear to the top of the tower on your left, right next to the gates. There are 3 casters in the room at the top, 31-33. One drops the Sceptre of Light (but only if you remembered to pick up the quest). Then enter the building immediately in front of the gates, turn right, and to the centre room, where you will find Dalinda Malem – Search for Tyranis. Tyranis is in the building to the left of the one you are in, behind the tower you cleared for the Sceptre of Light, if you were starting from the gates. It has a similar layout to the previous building, with Tyranis in the centre. He is level 34-36, and you have to kill him.

Back to Dalinda, but first clear the mobs at the gates, and clear your way to her. Dalinda Malem – Return to Vahlarriel. This is an escort quest, which is why you needed to clear. Once she is clear of the gates, the escort is completed.

You need to return to Vahlarriel in Nijel’s Point, and to Azore in Ethel Rethor. It may be possible to complete the naga quests at this point, but it may be better to wait until level 38, and group them all together.

Centaur Reputation

There is now a gap in level to the next quests; these can be done from about 36 up. The centaur reputation quests may be best to do to fill this gap, as they are of an appropriate level.

The Magram centaurs are in the SE. Keeping non-aggro with them has two small advantages: they guard the approach to a valley in the far SE full of demons, level 38+, and the Valley of Bones is most safely approached from their village. The Gelkis guard the approach to Feralas to the south, but you only have to pass one or two of them to reach it.

It is in theory possible to stay non aggro to both side if you are careful. The way it works is that a kill gives you twice as much bad reputation as it does good; so, starting from neutral (4.00?), you will hit 3.0 with one, which is still just barely unfriendly, as you hit 5.0 (friendly) with the other. None of the other centaur tribes give reputation with either of these tribes, nor do the undead ravagers in the Valley of Bones – despite claims on other sites that they do.

Kolkar and Gelkis are in the SW, Magram in SE.

Magram reputation (killing Gelkis):

Captain Pentigast – Brutal Politics 35
Warug – Assault on the Kolkar 32
Warug – Broke Tears 33
Warug – Gizmo for Warug 35 advanced target dummy
Warug – Khan Shaka 37
Warug – Khan Hratha 42

OR Gelkis reputation (killing Magram):

Captain Pentigast – Strange Alliance. You probably have to kill around 60 Magram to hit friendly with Gelkis: then STOP killing.
Uthek the Wise – Raid on the Kolkar. This is fairly easy, but the charms are uncommon drops.
Uthek the Wise – Stealing Supplies. If you are still non-aggro, this is easy.
Uthek the Wise – Ongeku, Swamp of Sorrows.
Uthek the Wise – Khan Jehn 37
Uthek the Wise – Khan Hratha 42

Sar’theris Strand

Back to the coast; I will assume that you are 36 or higher. You will need:
Azore Aldamort – Book of the Ancients (after completing Sceptre of Light), Kreldig Ungor – The Karnitol Shipwreck, and Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!. There is a chest by Ethel Rethor where you found Rackmore’s Log; this is the first stage to Karnitol if you haven’t already done it. Kill naga by this spot until the first key drops (Rackmore’s Golden Key); levels 32-33 at the shore line. Then kill drysnaps immediately offshore from the boat wreck, around the sunken ship. There is a bubbly fissure at one end of the ship to make it easier. If you don’t get the key, there are also drysnaps at the far south end of the shore, avoiding the horde guards at Shadowprey Village. Kill drysnaps until the silver key drops; level range is 33-35.

Next, you need to swim out to the largest island, which is in the far NW of the map, and is on the very edge of the map. Watch out for the elite giant, who regularly crosses the island, on a fixed path (so you can avoid him easily). The treasure chest is on the middle east side of the island, and is hard to spot as it is in a dip between ruins. Kill the naga out here, sea witches and tidehunters especially, until you get Karnitol’s Satchel; level range is 35-37. While you are doing this, clear the north west corner of the island. There should be a Kali like posed naga statue. When clear, click this to spawn Lord Kragaru (level 38). He is an easy kill, and will drop the book of the ancients. Back to Ethel Rethor for Azore, and then Nijel’s Point for Kreldig, who will send you to Ironforge for the final reward; but don’t go just yet, the last quest from Kreldig also sends you to Ironforge at the end.

The Kodo Graveyard

South centre of the zone is the Kodo Graveyard. West of the graveyard is a small hut with Hornizz Brimbuzzle; to the east is another hut with Smeed Scrabblescrew. Collect: Bibbly F’utzbuckle – Bone Collector and Smeed Scrabblescrew – Kodo Roundup. Bibbly is at Kormek’s Hut, which is SE of Thunder Axe Fortress. Both of these require you to run around in the graveyard either avoiding or killing Carrion Horrors, which are level 35-37 nuisances. The round up is very easy: find a kodo, click to tame it, then run back to Smeed and click the kodo to release it, then get the next one. The Bone Collector is slightly harder; click the kodo skulls, of which two out of three will release a level 38 ghost; you can either kill it or run. My second time of trying I only got 3 apparitions out of ten skulls; your mileage may vary.

The Valley of Bones

Two quests for here: from Nijel’s Point, in the inn: Brother Anton – Down the Scarlet Path, and Hornizz Brimbuzzle – Ghost-o-plasm Round Up. Hornizz is west of the Kodo Graveyard.

The valley is just west of the Magram Village, and has two entrances: one right there where you can drop down (and climb up) from the centaurs, and another one to the SW of there. If a group is killing one entrance, the SW one is usually clear. Skeletons are 37-39, with a level 40 necromancer that wanders though the entire valley. When you have killed enough for Brother Anton, his quest sends you to Southshore, and is the entry point for the Scarlet Monastery quests.

Mannoroc Coven

There is a final quest for: Kreldig Ungor – Reagents for Reclaimers Inc. This sends you to the Mannoroc Coven, to the west of the Valley of Bones, and east of the Gelkis Village in the far south. There are a mix of felhounds, succubi, Burning Blade warlocks, infernals and Doomwarders (a type of demon); level 37-40. The felhound models always drop brains; the succubi (Nether Maiden, etc) usually drop the wings, but not always. The Doomwarder Captains always drop blood, never plain Doomwarders, but captains are only deeper in, and usually right next to one of the higher succubi. The Captains are all on the land south of the lake; the lake itself forms a safe passageway to reach them easily. Watch out for the patrolling Burning Blade Summoners with their imp minions. When you are finished, Kreldig will send you back to Ironforge for the final reward; you may want to combine this with the Karnitol shipwreck quest.


These were either skipped or couldn’t be obtained for one reason or another. There are also a string of higher level quests in the area.

Cork Gizelton – Bodyguard for Hire: this can be obtained when the caravan stops on the path east of Kormek’s Hut. The task is to escort them past the Kolkar village.

Rigger Gizelton – Gizelton Caravan: for this, meet the caravan on the road to the west of the Mannoroc Coven. This is another escort task, this time past the coven.

Brother Crowley (SW) – Brother Anton 39

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WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Night Elf, Darkshore

You can start here at level 10, with the Buzzbox, fishing and cooking (Easy Strider Living) quests, moving to Bashal’Aran and Ameth’Aran as you level, although I started at 12. Look up quests on Allakhazam or Thottbot for details. Also a good guide for Darkshore and Teldrassil on Allakhazam.

If you are still in Darnassus, collect any profession upgrades and recipes. You will be returning to train as you level, so if you forget it isn’t a big deal. There are no class trainers in Darkshore, and the only profession trainers are tailoring, mining and blacksmithing.


First step: bind your hearthstone in the inn. Then upstairs meet Wizbang Cranktoggle and get Buzzbox 827, Gaffer Jacks (you can only get this if you have taken fishing, and may need a certain skill level as well), Gwennyth Bly’Leggonde – Washed Ashore, and, in the SE building in the village, Terenthis – How Big A Threat?. Head back to the landing platform, but go down to the beach and get Gubber Blump – the Family and the Fishing Pole. Fish. When you get bored, kill the level 9/10 crawlers. The buzzbox is right by the NW edge of the griffon platform.

This next stage can be done easily if other people are camping the areas required, otherwise delay until after you have completed Bashal’Aran and Ameth’Aran (next section). Further south are the murlocs and the beached carcass. Directly inland and a little south from this is the furbolg camp; they are 13-14, so running through to pick on the quest flag is worthwhile if someone is killing there; otherwise, you’ll have to come back later. The marker point seems to be the obelisk on the north edge of the camp, go just south of it; I actually ran through the middle of the camp east-west without getting the flag. Return, cash in the rewards, and get Buzzbox 411, Electropellers (fishing quest) and the next Washed Ashore. The sea turtle is underwater between the south boat pier and the nearby island; click on the head. Darkshore threshers roam nearby and are aggressive, level 12-14, so be careful – but are needed for the Buzzbox, which we are saving to complete until we go to Cliffspring River, as it is a long run. There is at least one more beached sea creature/turtle along the south shore that is within our capabilities, you can find it now, or come back for it later.

The next item is Sentinel Glynda Nal’Shea – The Red Crystal and its follow on quest. The best way to do this is to go to the crossroads south of Auberdine, then run due east. You will pass the moonkin cave for the druid bear form quest, then the moonkin oracle cave. A short way south of here is the red crystal, high up on the zone wall. If you are careful you can reach here with no aggro, or outrun any moonkin that dislike you. The follow on (As Water Cascades/The Fragments Within) requires running back to Auberdine, then to the crystal and back again.

Bashal’Aran and Ameth’Aran

Then collect Thundris Windweaver – Bashal’Aran and Tools of the Highborne quests: Alanndarian Nightsong – Easy Strider Living (cooking quest, kill foreststrider fledglings, which are level 13), and, outside the last house leading south, Tharnarium Treetender – Plagued Lands. Head south. Take the first left turn to Bashal’Aran; the blue light is in the SW corner on the plateau next to the road at the signpost. Kill grells/sprites, then get the second quest and kill satyrs. The next part of the quest involves Ameth’Aran, the blue/green light at the middle of the south edge, in a building of sorts. When this quest is collected, go back to the main road south. You will find another quest from the guard along the road, Sentinel Tysha Moonblade – the Fall of Ameth’Aran (the tablets needed are at the NE and SE corners of the camp, and look like square tiles; one upright, the other laying over at an angle). Directly east of her is Ameth’Aran, level 10/11 mobs to kill. Further south is the Grove of the Ancients, immediately east when you cross the bridge. You can fish safely in the lake behind. On the way back, pick up a rabid thistle bear for Plagued Lands. There are many of them between Ameth’Aran and the Grove. You will need to run back to Bashal’Aran after completing Ameth’Aran, but head into Auberdine first for more quests to the north.

Cliffspring River

Collect Tharnarium Treetender – Cleansing of the Infected. If your fishing is high enough, get the next Gubber Blump quest. Next stage should be north to the Creek (Thundris Windweaver – The Cliffspring River) and Buzzbox. Run to the creek, first bridge north out of Auberdine. Kill rabid thistle bears along the way if you don’t already have your quota. Drop down to the beach and swim up the river to the waterfall (just under the bridge), and fill your vial. Go back along the beach; along here the crabs for Gubber are level 15-17, the lower ones are closer to Auberdine, but don’t drop the quest item. There are three sea creatures, guarded by level 13-14 murlocs; clear them and pick up the quest items. Watch out for openable crates along the way. The first turtle is at the NW corner of the beach; and the second is at the small bay. Just north of this one and between the two turtles is the buzzbox. Don’t try to get the thresher eyes here, as there are lots of annoying murlocs in the way. The third sea creature is on the shore north of Cliffspring river, roughly level with the Mathystra ruins.

While you are back in Auberdine, go and clear the furbolg camp for How Big A Threat?; they aren’t hard, as such, but it is very easy to get several adds and stunned. Go back to Ameth’Aran for Cerellean Whiteclaw – For Love Eternal (collect from the dock). She wanders around the south of the camp, close to the shrine, and is level 16 (but easy; you may be able to do this at 14 or even 13 when you do Ameth’Aran, but I didn’t try).

I was level 16 with 21 hours played at this point; some time was wasted waiting on a petition (see Teldrassil guide), and doing more running around than was strictly necessary.

Time for the next buzzbox. This is on the main road just past the bridge over Cliffspring River. The Moonstalkers are found north of Bashal’Aran and east of the road, and both sides north of Cliffspring River. You also want Sentinel Elissa Starbreeze – Tower of Althalaxx. Watch out for the aggressive snakemen (naga) and the mobs around the tower – levels 16-18 for the humans, and 19-21 for the naga. The Tower quest is just a delivery to an NPC by the side of the road, so is excellent exp. You might be able to try the second Tower of Althalaxx quest at this point, but if you aren’t sure, there is still more to do in the south.

Back in Auberdine, pick up Terenthis – A Lost Master. The final Buzzbox is on the right of the road heading south, past the Grove of the Ancients, and close to the small lake where Grimclaw hangs out by the roadside. Kill both grizzled thistle bears (15-17) and moonstalker sires (16-18); these are common close to the buzzbox. The moonstalker matriarchs, south of the Glaive of the Masters, are both higher and come with a pet moonstalker runt, making them more of a group mob.

Back again to Cliffspring River, this time with Thundris Windweaver – the Blackwood Corrupted, and possibly Tharnarium Treetender – Tharnariun’s Hope. First do the next Tower of Althalaxx quest; the mobs are slightly higher, but are melee only and can be single pulled, so long as you remember that most camp fires will have an extra mob on the side you can’t see. The next stage will be to deliver a message to Ashenvale, which you may as well save up until you have reason to go there, around level 20.

The camps for the Blackwoods, which are 16-17, are just south of the river, and the easiest way to reach them is along the river. The three objects you need to open: one at the north edge of the north camp, one at the south edge, and one in the south camp. As with the earlier Blackwood camp, it is easy to get rushed by several mobs, so pick your targets very carefully. The final mob is level 19, but seems very easy for the level. Once you are close enough to the fire to click the phial, all the blackwoods will rush to the fire – non-aggressive. Back out, and in a few seconds the satyr will spawn pull him out quickly before the blackwoods turn aggressive again, which they will do very soon.

The Den Mother cave is close to the south camp, and you need to climb the zone wall just north of the cave and work your way south along a path. The Den Mother is level 19, and she is guarded by several cubs, all level 10. The easiest way to deal with this is to follow a group in, and pick off the mobs as they respawn. If you aren’t so fortunate, it will be tough. I’d suggest trying picking off cubs one by one, and running like crazy to lose aggro. If you can escape each time, or even if you die and wisp back, you should be able to reduce it to a manageable level.

Barithras Moonshade – Cave Mushrooms. This quest leads on to another quest series for the last part of your time in Darkshore. Follow the river inland once more, but this time come out on the north side. Up a short slope is a cave guarded by naga. The mushrooms you need to gather are ground spawns inside the cave, with the final death cap at the back. It has three mobs, 16-18 in aggro range; without a group it will be hard before 20. I discovered that you can kill to the back, then die, and wait for a group to come in, and loot the death cap; it’s a cheesy technique, but works. After a bit more research, I think I have the answer: death caps will spawn at three points in the cave. Two of them have two twilight thugs as guards, meaning a sure three pull; but the third spawn point only has naga, all single pulls. Try taking the right path, the one that slopes upwards. The spawn point may well be behind a rock or in a corner.


At around this point I was level 17, and wasn’t confident that I could solo any of the remaining quests. Back in Darnassus, I picked up the Moonglow Vest quest from the leatherworking trainers, and killed level 13-15 mobs in Darkshore to get enough leather to complete the quest; this gave me about 25% of a level. If you want or need to grind for experience while in Darkshore, taking the beach north from Auberdine gives you crabs with a level range of 9 to 21, and crawler and clam meat drops for cooking, as well as random chests to open. The only aggressive mobs on the beach are the murlocs. If you can track, offshore there are darkshore threshers and coastal frenzies to kill.

There are also at least 6 more beached sea creatures alond the south shore, all south of the fisherman roughly level with Ameth’Aran, and guarded by level 13-20 murlocs.

Option for Hunters

A hunter might also consider making the long trek to Loch Modan for the Daryl the Youngling – A Hunter’s Boast quest, which rewards with a good bow/gun; or possibly to Stormwind City for swords training.

Getting to Loch Modan.

Daryl is in the Farstrider’s Lodge, in the extreme SE of Loch Modan. His first quest rewards you with a decent bow, for which you have to kill mountain buzzards around the lodge; both these quests are timed. The second quest has you killing elder mountain boars, which are in the mid east side of the loch, a good run away; you will also have to dodge bears, buzzards and spiders both there and back, unless you kill the path clear before taking the quest. The reward is a decent 2 handed sword, although you can get a better one from the Mathystra quest below; a good one hander is available at Ironband’s Excavation Site to the west; Magmar Fellhew – Gathering Idols (if you’ve been to Ironforge first, collect Jern Hornhelm – Ironband’s Excavation, which leads into this one).

The Master’s Glaive and the Ruins of Mathystra

After that you get the series to return to Onu, then The Master’s Glaive, which is south of the Grove of the Ancients, on the west side of the road. This involves killing a couple of 17-18 mobs, then half a dozen more to reach the small island in the middle of the area. The evidence Onu asks for is one of the pedestals on the central island. You can also pick up an additional escort quest there, from Therylune. She is in stealth mode usually, and when you accept the quest will wander about to the north – so clear that side first before taking the quest, if you can.

While there, you can finish up the Lost Master. The cave is to the SE of Grimclaw, and guarded by 16-18 furbolgs. You may be able to slip into the cave from the south by killing two or three furbolgs, or by following a group in. The cave itself is safe, and if you just hand in the cloak (Escape Through Stealth), you can hearthstone back to Auberdine for the wrap up.

The final quest in this sequence is Onu – Mathystra Relics, which sends you all the way back to the far north to kill the 19-21 naga. While there, you may as well do Gelkak Gyromast – Gyromast’s Retrieval. The gnome is on the north end of the beach, and you can get his key parts from the northern most set of murlocs (south of the river), encrusted tide crawlers (or raging reef crawlers), and giant foreststriders, all north of Cliffspring River. The second part requires killing a level 20 elite, so can be skipped if you don’t have help.

By this time, I was level 20 with 1 day 14 hours played – a lot of that spent running up and down Darkshore, trying to work out when I could do each of the many quests, some of that spent in Loch Modan, and a lot of time spent swimming around Dun Moragh etc getting there!


The next quest from the Tower of Althalaxx sequence sends you into Ashenvale, where the starting mobs are mostly 18-20. In Auberdine, you can collect Gershala Nightwhisper – Researching the Corruption (Blackfathom Deeps, Elite). You should first go to the Grove of the Ancients to start Kerlonian Evershade – The Sleeper Has Awakened, which is an escort quest to Maestra’s Post; I think it is level limited, and you need to be at least 18 or 19 to start it.

On the way, you will be ambushed twice, each time by 3 creatures; not sure of the exact levels, but I think around 20. Three furbolg close to the Master’s Glaive, still in Darkshore, and three assorted beasts half way to the destination in Ashenvale. Your target is in the first building on the left.

Quests that I have skipped (from this level range):
Deep Ocean, Vast Sea – sunken ships to N; 17. This is supposed to be very hard.
WANTED: Murkdeep! (click on poster outside inn) S on beach (18). Requires killing multiple waves of mobs in the murloc village, so a group is best advised.
The Absent Minded Prospector, 20; another escort quest, with fast respawning mobs.

Moving On

You have already been given quests into Ashenvale, to the south. If you run short of quests or appropriate mobs at any point, consider Loch Modan, Westfall, or, if you are 15+, Redridge Mountains. At the higher end, if you don’t like the thought of Ashenvale, both The Wetlands and Duskwood are good for 20+.

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Darkmoon Faire

Condensed information from Allakhazam.

Collection Quests:

These quests open up according to reputation, and possibly level. So there is a max number of each type of item that can be handed in, before the final version of each type.


Drop rates for these items can vary considerably.

  • 1: 5 small furry paws (Cats in Darkshore, the Barrens)
  • 4: 5 torn bear pelts (bears in Hillsbrad, Ashenvale)
  • 8: 5 soft bushy tails (coyote/hyenas in Badlands, Desolace)
  • 12: 5 vibrant plumes (birds, owlbeasts, hippogryphs in Azshara, Blasted Lands, Felwood, Feralas, Tanaris, Hinterlands, Western Plaguelands, Winterspring)
  • 20: 5 evil bat eyes (Western/Eastern Plaguelands from plaguebats and noxious plaguebats)
  • 20: 5 glowing scorpid bloods (Silithius)


  • 1: 10 coarse weightstone
  • 4: 7 heavy grinding stone
  • 8: 3 green iron bracelets
  • 12: 3 big black maces
  • 20: 8 dense grinding stones


  • 1: 2 copper modulators
  • 4: 7 whirring bronze gizmos
  • 8: 36 green fireworks
  • 12: 6 mechanical repair kits
  • 20: 6 thorium widgets


  • 1: 3 embossed leather boots (8 light leather, 5 coarse thread)
  • 4: 3 toughened leather armor (10 medium leather, 2 cured light hide, 2 fine thread)
  • 8: 3 barbaric harnesses (14 heavy leather, 2 fine thread, iron buckle)
  • 12: 3 turtle scale leggings (14 thick leather, 28 turtle scales, heavy silken thread)
  • 20: 3 rugged armor kits (@ 5 rugged leather)


Hand in x tickets for:

  • 5: Darkmoon Flower
  • 5: Minor Darkmoon Prize (level 15)
  • 10: Last Month’s Mutton (level 29 mace, 16.6 dps)
  • 12: Lesser Darkmoon Prize (level 30)
  • 40: Greater Darkmoon Prize (level 45; Traveller’s Backpack)
  • 50: Last Year’s Mutton (level 50 mace, 31.5 dps)
  • 50: Darkmoon Storage Box (14 slot, unique)
  • 1200: Amulet of the Darkmoon
  • 1200: Orb of the Darkmoon
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Lunar Festival

Quest giver outside bank in Ironforge sends you to Mystic Ward.

Lunar Fireworks – buy 8 fireworks and 2 clusters, and use them. The reward is some Cenarion Circle faction, and an invite to Moonglade (Valadar Starsong). The invitation lasts 24 hours. You need to be in a circle of Greater Moonlight to use the invite, which are the circles in the capital cities.

Elder Bronzebeard – Ironforge, Mystic Ward
Elder Bladeswift – Darnassus, Cenarion Enclave
Elder Bladeleaf – Dolanaar, Teldrassil
Elder Skygleam – Ravencrest Monument, Azshara
Elder Starweave – Auberdine, Darkshore
Elder Hammershout – Stormwind, The Park
Elder Goldwell – Kharanos, Dun Morogh
Elder Silvervein – Thelsamar, Loch Modan
Elder Ironband – Blackchar Cave, Searing Gorge
Elder Morndeep – Ring of Law, Blackrock Depths
Elder Stonefort – Blackrock Spire
Elder Stormbrow – Goldshire, Elwynn Forest
Elder Rumblerock – Dreadmaul Rock, Burning Steppes
Elder Skychaser – Sentinel Hill, Westfall
Elder Starsong – Sunken Temple, Swamp of Sorrows
Elder Winterhoof – Booty Bay
Elder Starglade – outside gates to Zul’Gurub, Stranglethorn Vale
Elder Nightwind – Jaedenar, Felwood
Elder Riversong – Astranaar, Ashenvale
Elder Stonespire – Everlook, Winterspring
Elder Brightspear – Kel’Theril, Winterspring
Elder Dawnstrider – Flame Crest, Burning Steppes

Elder Bellowrage – Dark Portal, Blasted Lands

Elder Highpeak – Hinterlands, Creeping Ruin
Elder Meadowrun – Western Plaguelands, The Weeping Cave
Elder Graveborn – Brill, Tirisfal Glades
Elder Obsidian – The Sepulcher, Silverpine Forest
Elder Moonstrike – Scholomance, WPL
Elder Snowcrown – Light’s Hope Chapel, EPL
Elder Windrun – Crown Guard Tower, EPL
Elder Farwhisper – Stratholme

Elder Dreamseer, Gadgetzan
Elder Ragetotem, Valley of the Watchers, Tanaris
Elder Thunderhorn, Slithering Scar, Un’goro Crater
Elder Wildmane, Zul’Farrak
Elder Bladesing – Cenarion Hold, Silithus
Elder Primestone – Crystal Vale, Silithus

Elder Morningdew – Mirage Raceway, Thousand Needles
Elder Grimtotem – Lariss Pavilion, Feralas
Elder High Mountain – Camp Taurajo, Barrens
Elder Mistwalker – the Maul, Feralas
Elder Moonwarden – Crossroads, Barrens
Elder Skyseer – Freewind Post, Thousand Needles
Elder Windtotem – Ratchet, Barrens
Elder Bloodhoof – Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore
Elder Darkhorn – Orgrimmar
Elder Proudhorn – Thunder Bluff, Mulgore
Elder Runetotem – Razor Hill, Durotar

The coins are used to buy items in Moonglade, and give you some appropriate faction (Alliance +50). After each visit, the Elder will send you email with an envelope containing either: Lucky Rocket Cluster, Elder’s Moonstone.

Valadar Starsong is on a platform at the east edge of Nighthaven, and has the following quests:

Festive Lunar Dresses – 5 coins, chest plus fireworks
Festive Lunar Pant Suits – 5 coins, chest plus fireworks
Festival Dumplings – 1 coin, 8 dumplings, 4% hp/mana for 25 secs
Elune’s Candle – 5 coins, plus fireworks
Elunes’s Blessing (defeat Omen) 40+

Fariel Lightsong has quests, all 5 coins and all have level limits, for:

Small Rockets, 3 recipes, Eng 125
Large Rockets, 3 recipes, Eng 175
Cluster Rockets, 3 recipes, 225
Fireworks Launcher, Eng 225
Festive Recipes, tailoring 250, level limit 45
Large Cluster Rockets, 3 recipes, 275
Cluster Launcher, Eng 275, level limit 55

(ie, 35 coins worth) The tailoring patterns are a choice of two recipes, and are not BoP; all the engineering patterns are BoP.

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Blacksmithing – BS Quests

The title is the way it is for a reason.

Low Level Quests

Tormus Deepforge, Ironforge – Supplying the Front. Reward is the recipe for Copper Chain Vest, which is also a reasonably common drop, and therefore cheap at the AH. Deliver 6 Copper Axe and 6 Copper Chain Belt to Loch Modan. Requires: 72 copper, 6 weak flux, 12 linen cloth.

Tormus Deepforge, Ironforge – Gearing Redridge. The reward is the recipe for Ironforge Breastplate, which is very nice for the level (15). Deliver 4 Runed Copper Belt and 4 Heavy Copper Maul to Lakeshire. Requires: 88 copper, 8 weak flux, and 8 light leather.

There are some Horde quests for level 32-36.

The Mithril Order

You need to do these quests to get the recipes to make the items for the Armorsmith quest. The Weaponsmith quest recipes are all vendor or trained.

Hank The Hammer, Stormwind – The Origins of Smithing. You must be level 40 and 210 blacksmithing skill to get this quest. The reward is a recipe for Golden Scale Gauntlets. Make 6 Golden Scale Bracers; requires: 5 iron, 5 coal, 6 heavy stone.

Hank The Hammer, Stormwind – In Search of Galvan. You just have to go to Booty Bay, which gives you: McGavan – The Mithril Order. In turn, you are sent to Galvan the Ancient, in Stranglethorn Vale, between Zul Gurub and the Mosh’Ogg ogres. Come prepared with the items required for all his quests, which will save a lot of time.

Galvan the Ancient – Smelt On, Smelt Off; The Great Silver Deceiver; The Art of the Imbue. Rewards are plans for: Ornate Mithril Pants, Ornate Mithril Gloves, Ornate Mithril Shoulder. Deliver to Galvan: 40 iron, 120 mithril, 5 truesilver, 4 citrine. Once you have completed these, you are given: Galvan the Ancient – Galvan’s Finest Pupil. Who is Trenton Lighthammer in Gadgetzan.

Trenton Lighthammer – The World At Your Feet (skill 235); The Mithril Kid (230); A Good Head On Your Shoulders (230). Trenton wants: 2 Heavy Mithril Boots, 1 Ornate Mithril Pants, 2 Heavy Mithril Breastplate, 1 Ornate Mithril Gloves, 2 Mithril Coifs, 1 Ornate Mithril Shoulders. The rewards are recipes for: Ornate Mithril Helm, Ornate Mithril Boots, Ornate Mithril Breastplate.

Requires: 114 mithril, 3 truesilver, 1 aquamarine, 8 solid stone, 14 thick leather, 18 mageweave cloth.


Armorsmith. Grumnus Steelshaper, Ironforge – The Art of the Armorsmith. He wants 4 Ornate Mithril Helms, 2 Ornate Mithril Boots, 1 Ornate Mithril Breastplate. These are the recipes from Trenton. Which requires: 108 mithril, 18 truesilver, 1 heart of fire, 24 solid stone, 8 thick leather, 2 aquamarine, 4 black pearls.

Weaponsmith. Ironus Coldsteel – The Way of the Weaponsmith. 4 Moonsteel Broadswords, 4 Massive Iron Axe, 2 Heavy Mithril Axes, 2 Big Black Maces. Highest skill required is 230. Recipes can be bought from Zarena Cromwind in Booty Bay and Jaquilina Dramet at Nesingwary’s Expedition (you need both places). Required: 88 iron, 32 coal, 16 strong flux, 12 lesser moonstone, 28 heavy leather, 36 heavy stone, 16 gold, 56 mithril, 4 citrine, 16 solid stone, 2 black pearl, 8 shadowgem, 4 thick leather.

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Azshara (Alliance)

The first two quests are from the flight path, right where you enter Azshara from Ashenvale.

Loh’atu – A Land Filled with Hatred 47
Loh’atu – Spiritual Unrest 48

The mobs for these are the undead, north of the road, only a short way deeper into Azshara. Easy kills, 46-48.

Then there’s a gap. Go away, do something else, then come back around 52, with Tymor (IF) – Arcane Runes. Tymor is in the Mage area, upstairs in a building anti-clockwise from the mage/priest trainers. He sends you to Xiggs, standing next to one of the tanks in the back of the military ward. Each of Tymor and Xiggs give you two quests, which some people find easy to miss. There is also a quest from a blood elf, Aurora Skycaller – Sacred Highborne Writings, in the north tower in Eastern Plaguelands, which is a continuation of one of the Winterspring undead quests – you may choose to combine these, or not.

The next quests are from a goblin, Kim’jael, who can be hard to find. He is at the top of a mountain, which can only be climbed from the north, just south and east of the Legashi satyrs. This is north west of the blood elves.

Kim’Jael – Kim’jael Indeed! 53
Kim’Jael – Kim’jael’s Missing Equipment 53

His equipment is in crates that you click around the lower of the two blood elf camps (the easternmost). One crate is is the back, clear of any elves; three others are close to the tents, in aggro range of five elves if you are careless. The other is a little to one side, with only one in obvious aggro range. The blood elves are around level 51-53, and are relatively easy kills.

The next quest drops from any 50+ naga siren (and probably myrmidon), in the centre of the ruins of Eldarath and on the beach. Inside the temple, which is a large building on the east side of Eldarath, is the book for Aurora. It is on a small wall behind the Warlord (level 55). You can get to it easily just killing 3-4 of the level 51 naga. The runes for Arcane Runes are tall pillars in the same area:

39,50 Jin’yael
39,55 Markri
42,64 Sael’hai
36,53 Beth’Amara
77,91 Helipad

These locations are: in the middle of the circle/fountain just west of the temple; NW of the temple; SW of the temple; a little way south of Eldarath on the cliff; and the small island at the tip of the southern peninsula. You can reach all these spots without killing, if careful. In Eldarath, mobs are 48-51. If you take the inland route, there are a lot of 55 elite giants; if you choose to take the beach and then swim, there are only a few of these giants, and a few more 54-55 mobs to avoid (the beach is a lot easier).

Sanath Lim-yo – A Meeting with the Master 48
Duke Hydraxis – Poisoned Water 56

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