Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

The Pit (Levels 2 - 6)

Objectives: Beastlord handwraps and claws, Cloak of the Khati Sha Recruit, padded cloth armor, Kick

Your first objective will be to make your starting claw wraps, as directed by Poren. Assuming that your tailoring skill is high enough, this will take 12 silks from xakra worms; some you will have collected already. Combining silks into threads takes two silks per thread, and is a combine that never fails. This will take your tailoring skill up to 15 with enough combines. Keep collecting silk and making threads until you have reached this level. Then combine pairs of threads to make silk bandages, of which you will need three to attempt your handwraps. Bandages can take your skill up to 21. Three bandages combined will make handwraps - this may not succeed at first attempt, in which case you need to try again. The handwraps can be worn as gloves until you get your Ghulam gloves in Shadeweavers, if you haven't already. Trivial for handwraps is at least 26.

If you have access to Crescent Reach or Abysmal Sea, you can do the tradeskill quests there to boost your skills to 54. It's a good idea to do this before trying the handwraps, and will make a big difference.

You can also use practice points to raise your skill level to 21 in tailoring; however, I don't recommend this, because you will collect more than enough silks to raise your skill to 15 by making threads alone, and you will want to conserve practice points for later, much higher levels (for other tradeskills); or just do the tradeskill quests.

The next stage in the claws quest requires you to collect 2 young hopper claws (from young rockhoppers), and four scorpion legs to create forged fasteners; these come from Kagazz, outside the smithy, in the inner merchant area. Combine fasteners, claws and handwraps in the sewing kit to make your claws; trivial is supposed to be over 40, so this may need repeating - check the trade skills section below for ways to get your tailoring skill as high as possible before making the attempt. On failure, the handwraps are returned, so you only need to regather scorpion legs and young rockhopper claws. Warning: I have failed this combine eight time with a tailoring skill of 32, and succeeded on my first try with the same skill at a different time. Returning these claws to Poren along with your starter cloak, and you will get a cloak upgrade. Poren sends you to see Mahron Sood, who is outside near the bank, who in return sends you to Kery Miann, upstairs in the tailoring vendor. Kery in turn requires you to make 2 straps for your claws, which needs 2 high quality rockhopper hides; these drops from any rockhopper, including needle clawed rockhoppers, in Shadeweaver's Thicket. Skill required is somewhere over 41.

In case you don't already know, The Pit is the hunting area underneath and around Shar Vahl. To get into it, take either of the bridges leading out of Shar Vahl to their far sides. You can climb down the wall, moving from side to side, without falling in and hurting yourself.

In the pit, kill everything - hunting a single type of mob will lead to it being replaced by new spawns of mobs that you aren't hunting. So if something is in short supply, exterminate beetles, whose supply never runs dry. Xakra worms seem to be commonest around the south gate area; young rockhoppers around the north gate. Collect the no drop poison glands from whiptail scorpions first - as soon as you have 4, go up into Shar Vahl to give them to Spiritist Ragnar (in the alchemist store, next to the bank), who will give you basic padded cloth armor in return; sell any bits you don't need.

If you see a yellow named scorpion (Tailfang), avoid it at first, as it is tough, higher level than it looks, and can summon you to it when you run, something that normally only level 51+ mobs can do.

Collect scorpion carapaces - these are required for the tailoring quest later, and also for the earring quest from Dharr Nadim (-350, 100) in the southern trade slum.

It may also be worth collecting worm meat (from xakra worms) and handing in to the cooks in the palace; you get a small amount of money, and a wooden practice weapon (which you can sell) for four.

Also collect beetle eyes and xakra teeth (the latter for the fletching quest). I never managed to collect enough eyes to complete the quest, from one of the guards on the bridges (Khala Dun Bokh).

As soon as you reach level 5, go back to your guild and put one practice point into kick; put this on a hot button, and use it in combat whenever it becomes ready.