Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

Whisperlings (Level 4 - 6)

Objectives: Frostweavers Shield, Scorpialis

There are a couple of relatively complicated quests based in the pit that round out your time hunting there, and bring you into Shadeweavers, both revolving around whisperlings. Running around the pit, you may have noticed 'a whisperling casts a spell' as you pass by an illuminated stone just west of the south bridge.

You should talk to the following people: Dar Khura Shavra (in the pit, south edge), Groo McManus (Shadeweavers, in building near the Shar Vahl exit); Spiritist Ragnar (shop next to bank); Spiritist Grawleh (shaman guild in palace). After talking to the first two, you will be able to find the whisperling; take it to Dar Khura Shavra for instructions. You will also want a bloodling carapace along the way, and many of the intermediate items you are given are no rent, and will be lost if you camp without completing this quest series. At the end, you will have a special carapace, that can be used in one of Master Barkhem's shield frames to make a Frostweaver's Shield. This is a very worthwhile quest for Beastlords and shamans, as along the way rewards are the spells scrolls for Strengthen, Flash of Light, and Endure Cold; you can also get Burst of Flame (shaman, not beastlord) by giving a needle-thin claw from rockhoppers to Groo McManus in Shadeweavers.

You are also given a hint that Scorpialis is the name of another whisperling; which is also the name of the weapon you get from killing Tailfang and taking the tail to Dar Khura Pyjek, in the pit under the south bridge.

Another hint you are given is that there may be an upgrade to the shield possible by hunting Shak Dratha; to the best of my knowledge, this hasn't yet been completed - the Xakra shield mentioned by Rawleh may drop from guards at the Shak Dratha camp near the trader cave entrance.