Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

Trader Cave (Level 14 - 16)

Objective: Blessed Champion's Cape

At some point you will have a full set of Ghulam armor, apart from the tunic, with tattered rockhopper hide filling out all the gaps, and quite probably a hero's shroud on your shoulders from the poached hides. Now it is time to concentrate on the Champions Cape, which requires two more hero's shrouds, plus three Loda Kai blood. To get this, you will need to deal with the traders cave. Talk to Priestess Bast, in the rocks to the left of the Shar Vahl exit first.

There are two realistic strategies to cope with the cave, and some combination of these is probably best. First, if you attempt to pull anything at all from the cave while standing on the ledge - try casting flash of light or sicken on any mob near the ledge - you will get all of the poachers from the cave rushing you. If this isn't expected, you may need to zone into Shar Vahl, as the guards won't protect you from poachers (apparently now they will - this was fixed in a patch since I last ran a new beastlord through this guide). So you can tell your pet to guard here in the entrance tunnel, and pull the poachers to this point and dispatch them. At lower levels (you'll probably be attempting this from 12 - 14), you will need a group, with at least two others of similar levels; with your warder upgrade, this may be possible to solo pull at 15. The other strategy also requires a group, although it may be possible with just a shaman partner. As the mobs in the cave don't usually wander, if you can dispatch them one at a time quickly, you won't get others joining in - a shaman to keep them rooted is a very good idea. Make sure you brief the shaman well beforehand, as most shamans at this level still think that they are a melee class, and aren't mentally prepared enough to chain cast root - which they will need to do, as it will break a lot. Combining these two strategies to kill a couple of poachers first (if they are on the spawns closest to the ramp), then pull the remaining poachers to the foot of the ramp and take the traders one by one, should lead to you getting all the blood required, as well as any remaining hides, in a very brief time.

The practical alternative is to leave this quest until much later, and come back and let your warder solo all the mobs in the cave until you have enough drops. I was getting about one poached hide and one drop of blood per full clearing of the cave.

To make the Cape, you need to hand in a shroud to Kojjin Kaa to get a pattern; the shroud is given back. Combine two shrouds, the pattern, and one shadeling silk thread to get a Champions Cape; hand this in to Priestess Bast with three drops of Loda Kai blood. You can find them in the rocks behind the tents in Shadeweavers. The tailoring trivial for this is at least 26, possibly higher. I would skill up on silk threads, patchwork armor, and even shade silk armor, which can take you as high as 36.