Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

Warder and Spells Strategy (level 22)

At 19, you will have been able to get Serpent Sight and Tiny Companion (Plane of Knowledge only); neither of these are very useful, unless you often group with a human/erudite. At 22, you get a new pet (level 22), a proc buff (Spirit of the Blizzard), a stamina buff (increases your hit points as well as reduces fatigue, so essential), a better heal (still not as mana efficient as Inner Fire, but much faster), a dot upgrade (Tainted Breath) and your first slow (Drowsy). The remaining two spells are both useful, Summon Drink and Endure Poison, and by this point you should be able to afford them all. Practice a lot with Summon Drink, as it uses conjuration, which skill is required for your dots. Endure Disease will become available for you at level 24. The various pet proc buffs all cause your pet to proc a direct damage for increasing amounts (62 - 82 for the first 3 buffs) - but are based against different resists, and the higher buffs last for longer durations (40 to 44 minutes) and higher mana cost (50 - 70).

Always cast Drowsy on all mobs you will be meleeing, always. At first, you may have some trouble casting Tainted Breath unless you have been practising a lot, but Sicken should still be reliable to cast. I usually choose to pull with Drowsy at this point, but that assumes that Tainted Breath is a reliable cast; if it isn't, I'd probably swap the two around. In either case, I'd cast one to pull, and the second on incoming - for a marginal mob I need them slowed, and dotted as well if possible. Your nuke doesn't do much damage to mobs even at the start of this spell level, but it is good to cast to keep evocation skill practised.

Towards the end of this spell level, you will find that most dark blue mobs can whip you on your own, without your warder, and even with your warder, you will take a lot of damage. When this starts to happen, remember to back off before you get too low, and heal your warder. At 29, you should be able to solo white and yellow mobs by pulling with slow, dotting, and sending in your pet before they reach you. Then sit back and med, and chain cast Fleeting Fury and your pet heal; only step in when you are low on mana, and when the mob starts to run. Remember to step in for melee, otherwise you have no way of keeping combat skills up, and will regret this very much at later levels.