Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

Warder and Spells Strategy (level 39)

Essential spells are Healing (100 point heal), Envenomed Breath, Spirit of Yekan (new warder), Spirit of Scorpion (pet proc), Yekan's Recovery (pet heal), and Yekan's Quickening (pet buff including haste). You will also want Spirit of Ox, Spirit of Monkey, and Endure Magic. Spells are relatively cheap, so buy them all. The only expensive ones are Summon Companion (sold in the tunnels in East Commons) and Envenomed Breath - which can be found on the balcony above Spiritist Ragnar's shop in Shar Vahl.

The pet heal will take care of around 45% of your warders hit points; Healing does about 10% of mine. If you have kept up Bind Wound, a single bandage at 150+ skill will heal 3% of your points. From this point up healing is going to get worse and worse, so consider skilling up in Bind Wound. From 51, bind wound will be able to take you to 70%, provided you can skill up past 200. Yekan's Quickening is relatively expensive to cast and doesn't last very long, but the bonus of haste, strength, AC and ATK can't be resisted. At this point I gave up on Fleeting Fury, and instead relied on Spirit of Monkey to boost my warder's dexterity for procs.

Remember to train in riposte at level 40.

Before the next major spell level at 49 you will get the highly important spell Spiritual Light (mana and health regen by 3 points per tick each), and the Legacy of Ykesha quested dot, Malaria - unfortunately the quest isn't possible to complete until you are in your mid 50s. Spiritual Light can be found on the shaman vendors in Shadowhaven (only). You will also have another phase of having to support a light blue warder, which he turns at 43, then green at 48. Keep using Flash of Light (and Sense Animals, if you have it), in readiness for getting Invisibility at 49.