Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

Dawnshroud Peaks (levels 26 - 52)

Dawnshroud can take the right class from 26 up to their low 50s very easily. It doesn't have the big experience boost of some other zones, but is easy hunting. At first only named mobs, shroom, rockhoppers and lightcrawlers are aggro on beastlords, and only the named and lightcrawlers roam. Druids, rangers and shamans as well are safe from the wolves, but all other classes will aggro the wolves, who roam the zone as well as spring from traps. Only the tribals have faction that you can destroy, making them kill on sight to you. From 26 up to mid 30s, the shroom are good hunting. Lightcrawers give decent experience as well up to about 33/34, when they start to turn green; most shroom are still blue at 37/38.

The biggest problem in Dawnshroud is the trains. There is a constant stream of ignorant higher level players running through to Maiden's Eye and Umbral Plains beyond, straight through the shroom patches (which you may well be trying to camp), as well as higher levels hunting rockhoppers and training them to the zone. This means that the quadrant from Netherbian Lair through to Maiden's Eye is not a safe spot to camp, and the building at the Netherbian zone line is positively fatal.

The first spot to camp is at the Sanctus Seru entrance. Come out of Netherbian and turn right along the zone wall. As you get your confidence in the zone and know where the shroom spawns are and how to spot lightcrawlers, you'll be happy to run straight there. Just before the Sanctus Seru entrance is a hill, and at the bottom of the hill is a 3 spawn of shroom. Be careful not to aggro them. If this is clear, you will want to camp these. Pull with Drowsy as usual, and kill - nothing special required. Rarely these will spawn at a higher level; sometimes, a named shroom "Fungi Shroom" with capitals will spawn there, this is likely to be a caster and will kill you quickly at lower levels. Leave it alone. Spawn time is around 12 minutes for these. The droppable items sell for 2 - 4pp to merchants, and drop commonly (1 or 2 on most shroom, probably averaging close to 1 per kill).

To the right of the Sanctus Seru entrance is an open area where lightcrawlers collect. If you are beating the shroom spawn, you can try adding these in. Beware, because lightcrawlers can blind you. I pull with Drowsy as ever, and kill them by sending my pet in, and only start to melee when they turn to run. Keep your pet healed and cast Fleeting Fury when you can. Collect all the lightcrawler drops apart from the cracked shell, and you can turn them in to an NPC in Sanctus Seru for lightcrawler armor. You can't use this, but it should sell in the Bazaar. Move on from here at 34, although the small zelniaks by the entrance will stay blue to 38.

There are two other good spots to kill shroom. The first is to the left of the Netherbian entrance, if you are willing to run the risk of the trains and the rockhoppers. The first spawn out from Netherbian along the zone line is a 2 spawn of shroom (it used to have three, but the third seems to have vanished). Over the hill by some tents with merchants is a three spawn of shroom. Then a bit further off, past the rockhopper caves, is a single shroom spawn. Both of these last two spot are the only places that I have seen the caster Fungi Shroom spawn, so be careful. The spawn past the rockhopper caves appears to have a single shroom in it; and, so long as you don't get too close, you can pull and kill that shroom. However, if you get too close to the ring, two other shroom will spawn. They may be normal shroom, but stand a good chance of spawning a Golden Shroom (level 35 necro), or two shadowknight Fungi Shroom, complete with approx 400 point harm touch. They are killable, but be aware of the risk.

The second is what I call the shroom farm, close to the Grieg's End entrance on the way to Sanctus Seru. It too is close to a group of merchants, which has an outdoors 3 spawn of shroom near it, the only spawn not on a zone wall. Be careful of pet pathing if you go between this building and the zone wall; my warder seems to want to run the other way around the entire zone to reach me if I do this. You can pull individual shroom with proximity aggro from here, or by casting Drowsy on them if you can see them. One shroom spawns to the left of the main entrance out of sight as you enter the building, and will aggro as you enter the door, so be prepared. I guard my warder a few yards back from these doors, and pull the one to the left, the two in the middle, two to the left, and then the two to the right. Sometimes people camp from the far side of the building at the zone wall; this is a less good spot for both the pathing issues, and because you can't so easily pull zelniaks and tribals there.

After a few levels of this, starting about level 27 or higher, I can add in zelniaks. These don't assist, so you can wander the zone killing them if the shroom are all camped. All types of zelniak are plentiful, especially between the hills in the middle of the zone. You can hit low 40s on these - but the loot is zero.

From your high 20s and low 30s, you can tackle the tribals. Some of these are casters, and will root and dot you as you pull (using typical ranger spells for their level; some may be druids or shamans, possibly) if you aren't careful. They are also social, and have faction - so as you kill them, they will start to aggro on you as you move through the zone. Tribals hang out near the Maiden's Eye and Grieg's End zones, with the higher levels being Tribal Lookouts by Maiden's Eye. The Tribal Hunter, who spawns rarely in the middle of the lookout rocks, usually drops a decent 1HB weapon. These give good experience to 47/48, but most people move on around 40. The great thing about the tribals is that they drop acrylia. Depending on your preference, this is great for tailors skilling up, or just plain selling in the Bazaar.

So far I have advocated mainly killing lightcrawlers and shroom, with the addition of a zelniak at times. Once you are past 34, you can choose to specialise in zelniaks. There are three kinds: small zelniaks, zelniaks, and large zelniaks. Small zelniaks are commonest by the Sanctus Seru entrance, and will turn green at 38. Zelniaks will stay blue to 39. Large zelniaks are possibly commonest around the Netherbian Lair entrance. But the best place as a beastlord to hunt zelniaks is in the middle of the zone, inside the ring of hills where they spawn. Stick to zelniaks until your new pet at 39; large zelniaks have a lot more hit points, and don't give obviously more experience.

For higher levels, mid 40s and up, rockhoppers and stonegrabbers seem suitable - I haven't hunted these yet, however (with a beastlord, that is). The rockhoppers drop superb and flawless hides used in tailoring.