Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

Malaria and Bond of the Wild - Legacy of Ykesha quested spells

These are two mid level spells that can only by obtained by questing in the Legacy of Ykesha zones. The quest results seem to have been reversed, as it is far easier to obtain the level 52 spell than it is the 44 spell, and it drops in a far easier zone, along with drops for other classes 44 spells.

Bond of the Wild

This spell is a pet buff spell, with haste, atk, armor class, and strength. It also gives you (not your warder, you) 130 extra hit points. The haste is the same as the level 39 Yekan's Quickening, and consumes more than double the mana; however, it lasts six times as long. The HP buff alone makes it worth using. I continued to use Bond of the Wild until I got a better HP buff, Talisman of Altuna, at which point I switched to use that in combination with the upgraded pet haste that had been available for a couple of levels.

The quest to get this spell starts at the lighthouse in Gunthak. Outside the lighthouse is a barbarian beastlord (without a warder), Craegin Coldtongue. Hail him, and follow the prompts until he gives you a stone. Your task is to locate his missing warder and give him the stone. The warder is called an "injured wolf", and appears among the huts outside the wooden fort on the way to Dulak. There are several ways that you can complete this quest, either solo or in a group. Probably the best way is to join a group of people looking for their level 44 quest spells - the drops for cleric and enchanter quests that I know of (and several other drops that look like quest drops) appeared commonly while I was searching for the wolf. Alternatively you can use invis to locate the wolf from 49 (when we get invis), or earlier with a caster partner, or invis potions bought at the lighthouse for 10pp each. Finally, you can wait to 52 when you can scribe the spell, and kill the area - but at which point everything is green.

To reach the fort, swim south from the lighthouse; you want to land at the far right of the beach. Everything on this side is live, so invis will keep you safe. Take the tunnel to the right at the back of the beach. If you appear, the drogmors have a large aggro radius, far larger than the lotuses. Without backup, they will kill you quickly, so be careful. Continue through the tunnel until a turn the the left, which leads to the fort. My choice was to kill my way through the tunnel, although this will be hard at lower levels. At the fort, the outer area is surrounded by huts. To the right is the entrance to the fort, which has a higher density and level of mobs. If you turn left, there is a small alcove in the outer wall a few feet from the end of the branch tunnel that never seems to have any wandering mobs come close. Each hut will have one or two mobs, marauders, plunderers and pillagers (lower level). There are also some static mobs of the same type, and wandering Broken Skull Warriors, Guards and Mystics. The latter are shamans, and will sow all the mobs in the huts that they pass by.

Everything hits hard, is moderately magic resistant, and has highish hit points. They all run at 20% hp. Aggro distances aren't big, but a sow'ed runner will attract several adds unless you nuke it down quickly. The only casters are the Broken Skull Mystics (and possibly some of the warriors/guards); Spirit of Wind will interrupt their casting. Greens would routinely resist Sha's Lethargy at 52, Venom of the Snake was resisted frequently, and even Frost Shard was fully resisted a number of times. Drops include some low grade cash loot (gems, etc), around 4pp, weapons which mostly sell for around 4pp, shivs which are worthless, elven blood, various "parts", and a matted fur cloak; apart from the quest drops, that is.

The wolf may spawn at any spawn point (possibly just those for marauders and pillagers, although I can't confirm that). She may wander, or may be lying down in a hut: and thus be hard to see. The best way to find the wolf is to ask a tracker - remember, rangers, druids and bards can all track. The wolf doesn't seem to show up with Sense Animal; I was casting it regularly and immediately before I took a quick check while invisible, with no luck (which is when I eventually found her, after 12 hours of camping). If you have a reasonable divination skills (I'd suggest at least 150, best trained by using Flash of Light or Sense Animals a lot), you can do this solo; an invisibility potion from the lighthouse in case it drops may be a prudent precaution. You can hand in the stone to the wolf while invisible; however, when you do so, invis will drop, so it is better to clear the area as soon as you locate the wolf.

Handing the stone to the injured wolf will give you a glowing collar, which you should return to the quest giver. He in turn will give you the spell scroll and some experience (3% at 52), as well as some hints to lead into the next quest.


This spell is a level 44 dot, with no initial damage (so it won't break roots). It does roughly the same damage as the 52 spell, Venom of the Snake. I would say that it is effectively replaced by VoS, and is of value only in situations where you are grouped with a root caster, or where you want to stack dots. It does a total of 405 damage for 140 mana in 9 ticks, as opposed to Venom of the Snakes 453 for 160 in 7 ticks, or the level 39's Envenomed Breath, which does 219 for 100 mana, also in 7 ticks. The value is that all three dots can be stacked together, for over 1000 points of damage in under a minute, although at the cost of 400 mana. Mana efficiency is slightly worse than that of the PoP nukes (300 damage for 100 mana); stacking the two nukes available at this level (Ice Spear and Frost Shard) will do 450 damage every 30 seconds for 150 mana - and the same pattern continues with higher level nukes. At this point, forget anything you know from other classes about DoT stacking; a beastlords best spell damage is from stacking nukes: to which you might choose to add some DoTs.

To get this spell, you have to travel to Torgiran Mines, and locate "a strange dark powder", which drops from troll brusiers and crazed miners, which can spawn anywhere in the zone - including at the zone in, which is where I eventually got mine. They are considered to be tough at level 56.

To reach Torgiran Mines, travel from Gunthak as if heading to the wooden fort for the injured wolf. Keep along the passage rather than turn in to the fort area. You eventually come to two trolls guarding an open area with more wooden huts. It is best to cross this invisible, although just running across will work. Head directly west, and you'll find two more troll shaman types guarding the exit. This leads to Dulak Harbor. Once in Dulak, the area immediately ahead has scattered Broken Skull scouts, some of whom wander about, so invis is essential here. Ahead and slightly to the left is a large wooden building, the armory - which conveniently is identified by armory guardians who stand outside. Enter the building, and to your right is a wooden ladder, which leads to a cat walk which takes you into Torgiran Mines.