Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

Armor: the Field Priests Alternative

Ghulam armor is excellent, and is certainly the best to get if you can. However, unless you choose to level in Shadeweavers, it will be hard to get, and sometimes the drops required are just too scarce. This applies to the tunic most of all, which just isn't reasonable to get. Bracers and boots are the easiest, with the remaining items of intermediate difficulty. However, there is an alternative set of armor that a Vah Shir beastlord can get without any faction work, which is the Halas Field Priest's armor. This consists of a pair of bracers, a kilt, a cap, claws and a tunic. They aren't as good as the Ghulam items, but the claw is an extra not in the Ghulam set - at 5/24, it isn't great, and drops in Shadeweavers are probably better. If you have Planes of Power, it is also easy to step from Shadeweavers into Everfrost. Just head in to Halas, and to the beastlord guild - to the left, turn right past the bank, then past the shaman guild.

Hoyce McTaegan only tells you what is required as you provide each item, so to save a lot of zoning, this is it: 2 white wolf pelts (he asks for one, but this is to get two bracers), 6 spiderling silks (made into 3 threads) and a large tattered cap (buy in Mac's Kilts or make one yourself), 4 ice goblin necklaces, a gnoll fang, a giant snake fang, a hunting bow and a wrath orc wristband. Most of these items can be found in the newbie area in Everfrost or even bought from vendors. For the tunic, which requires just the wristband, you need to kill snow orc troopers out in the plains past Bandl Mc Larrin. The two fangs and bow are for the claws, and are easily obtained in Blackburrow, if you know where the snake ledge is. For the newbie area drops, you can easily get all that is required at level 2 or 3; for Blackburrow, you should be 10 or more, unless you can buy the giant snake fang, in which case you can get the gnoll fang at 6, or even lower if you just loot corpses outside. I am not sure what level is required to kill the troopers; they are green at 16, but the snow orc shamans and other orcs running around close to them are blue and tough.