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Eclipse/WOLips tips

I have been running a WebObjects introduction course this week, using Eclipse (as I have been for the past several years). As I don’t always use Eclipse for development, this has served to remind me of a lot of basic functionality that I otherwise will forget between courses. If anyone is interested, I have a lot of projects that I continue to maintain using Xcode on MacOS X 10.4, as there is no reason to port them.

Cmd-shift-l shows all current shortcuts for Eclipse.

Make sure you use the WOLips perspective (need to switch between WOLips and Entity Modeler)

auto-complete: ctrl-. suggestions on ctrl-” ” (but watch out for Spotlight, may need to disable); and may be issues with component editor.

missing imports? Use cmd-1 (“quick fix”)

Edit->Refactor->Add Action…/Add Key… -> but only while in Component Editor, else have to use ??

documentation? Buggy, usually doesn’t work – but see Library/
links for Dynamic Elements pdf and ADC WO javadoc

EOGenerator… make sure you create an eogen file when you create an EOModel, and right click to run generation (may be automatic, depending on version of WOLips?)
click on database config to enter jdbc URL, etc
give Class names with the package as prefix

problem with eogen and generics support: open Eclipse prefs for EOGenerator, and check “use 1.4 templates” (D2W)

add framework (eg javaWOExtensions): project properties->java build path, edit Libraries, etc

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