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Eclipse/WOLips tips

I have been running a WebObjects introduction course this week, using Eclipse (as I have been for the past several years). As I don’t always use Eclipse for development, this has served to remind me of a lot of basic functionality that I otherwise will forget between courses. If anyone is interested, I have a […]

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Simple AJAX for WebObjects – without Project Wonder

Probably the simplest Ajax effect that I can think of that is desirable to add to web applications is to cause login boxes to “shake”, just like real computer login panels do, on a failed login. This is one of the few situations where a simple animation effect (too simple to qualify for Ajax, really) […]

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Content Management – WebObjects

I have created two new articles in the static part of my site, one for general content management, and one specifically on adding RSS support to an existing WebObjects project. There’s no rocket science; what matters the most is selection of database attributes for content; created/updated/published dates, creating/modifying user, and keywords. This is all exactly […]

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Coming up…

Some articles on DSL, Asterisk and configuring DNS on MacOS X Server.

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Amazon lists

I have created two Amazon booklists, one for WebObjects, the other for Cocoa. They should show up if you do a search on Amazon (UK only, I think), for “Cocoa Programming”, or “WebObjects”. I don’t get any referral fees from these lists, so they are a labour of love, and I intend to keep them […]

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Search and Replace

This is more complex than it needs to be, for unobvious reasons. The problem, succinctly stated, is implementing regular expressions with Java. For historical WebObjects reasons, I have not had easy access to a regexp library. Java people have used the open source JEdit libraries to implement regular expressions, but with WebObjects this was too […]

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Decision tables, when to use

This is genuine 1960s technology, but it moves forward into 1970s technology (OOP) very well. Here’s the situation: you have a combination of two variables that need checking; for an example, perhaps an object has a status flag with a few different states, like failed, on hold, incomplete and registered – and you need to […]

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Java date arithmetic

I am used to using the old (deprecated) WebObjects NSTimestamp class to do basic arithmetic on dates; it was easy with one method call to add an arbitrary number of days/weeks and get the correct date, or even to calculate the difference between two dates. In the new (release 5.0, so not that new) world […]

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Looking Around

One problem with being a long term WebObjects developer is that I get extremely jaded when viewing other technologies. WebObjects isn’t perfect, there’s lots of room for improvement, but for a very early (’95/’96) web application server, it is remarkably mature. It has a persistence layer, application server and template engine, as well as a […]

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