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Thinking In Java

by Bruce Eckel. I have been recommending this to my students since I came across the downloadable version of the first edition, which was probably around 2000. Since then I seem to have updated to a copy of the second edition, and I see on Bruce’s web site that a third edition is now available. Interesting point – this is one book, the first in fact, that I found as an html download, read, and then immediately bought. The main reason I keep recommending it is because it treats Java as a proper programming language, and starts and continues from object oriented principles; it probably helps that it is the first book I found on Java that wasn’t based around applets, too. Every other introductory text that I have read is either infuriatingly lightweight, or really a reference text. This sparkles, has humour, and treats Java so that I can understand what is being written.

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